Hulu Doesn't Want To Include The 4th Season Of The Path In Their Programming Slate

Hulu Doesn't Want To Include The 4th Season Of The Path In Their Programming Slate

This attractive religious drama remains a success within three seasons on Hulu. This season of The Path caused mostly positive emotions among viewers and critics as expected. "Religion is the opium of the people" as Karl Marx has rightly noted. Whether The Path be so magnificent that Hulu will decide to renew the show for a next season? Without a doubt, many of you are concerned about this subject. Unluckily, on April 24, 2018, Hulu announced that The Path was being canceled.

It's always difficult to make any forecast when it relates to online streaming services since they, as a rule, don't reveal the viewing figures of their web series. Nonetheless, there was some piece of data that pointed out the possible renewal. Yeah, we are talking about the reception by critics and viewers. As for the viewers, the response from the target audience was excellent. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the third season of The Path has a score of 5/5 and a 100% approval rating among the viewers.

Generally speaking, few critics have expressed their thoughts on the subject of the current season of The Path. However, their reviews were pretty favorable. So, Ben Travers from Indiewire was pretty satisfied watching the current season. "'s a bold development and one that opens up the series to relevant real-world parallels," he concluded. At the same time, Christian Holub (Entertainment Weekly) has noted that "The Path itself is at its best when attuned to the raw passion of fervent religious devotion."

We, honestly, also considered this season of The Path quite impressive since the events become closer to the culmination. However, there were many ways how the storyline might unfold. As a result, we didn't rule out that the third season could be the show's last. Nonetheless, we hoped that the producers of The Path had an ace up their sleeve. After all, as mentioned above, we didn't know for sure how many viewers were watching the show.

Summing up, The Path had a potential for renewal. Many critics have doubted that the series could return for a third season. However, Hulu made this decision. Unfortunately, this time, the online broadcaster opted to cancel the web series.

The Path Summary

If you have not yet watched this drama web series on Hulu, please, read a brief overview of The Path below.

The story focuses on Eddie Lane, who, together with his wife Sarah and their two children are the members of a religious sect known as the Meyerist Movement. This fictional movement presents a mixture of various notorious religions and spiritual ways. Generally speaking, Meyerism's ideas are useful and right-minded. The adepts preach vegetarianism, family values, and care of the planet.

Eddie first visited the community being on the brink of suicide. Meanwhile, his wife, Sarah, was born in the family of Meyerists, that's why she has no idea concerning the different way of life. Another notorious protagonist is Calvin "Cal" Roberts, who temporarily serves as the cult's leader. He once fell in love with Sarah. Now, Cal is concerned about the development of the movement. But no one knows what his actual purposes are.

One day, Eddie had undergone a spiritual retreat, while he somehow experienced a revelation. This case forced Eddie to have a crisis of faith. As a result, Eddie has suddenly realized that all his previous life was nothing more than a lie. That's why he undertakes numerous attempt to find out the truth about the Meyerist Movement. His intuition allows Eddie to assume that the movement hides dirty secrets behind the facade of good intentions.