TVDate is a web project made for the TV show lovers, including these viewers who prefer anime. In fact, there are few reliable sources in the television industry. Few media outlets might boast that they use the official data as their primary source of content. As a result, sets of rumors, especially, regarding anime. The problem is due to that this news usually delivers in Japanese. Therefore, it's not so easy to translate them correctly.

As for the US and UK television. There are many reliable media outlets. However, most of them used to publish tons of information. Our goal is to focus on the subject when any TV show would be renewed, canceled or obtain its release date. Thus, we concentrate our content just around these announcements. Additionally, we speculate on the subjects of possible renewal or cancellation of the shows. Besides, sometimes, we try to predict its likely release date.

But, we never use unreliable sources. We never speculate on the subject, having no firm ground. So, our conclusions usually are based on the facts, such as statistics, official statements, ratings, a response of the audience and critics, etc. We want to emphasize that we are getting any information using only reliable sources, such as the official Facebook page of the series, its official Twitter account, the official web page of the franchise, etc. Of course, we use some sources we don't want to show, especially, if we publish exclusive materials. But you may be sure of the fact that you get the data from the proven sources.

Unlike other media outlets, we don't spread rumors. We can point to some rumor. However, we always suggest you check it out. To do that, we provide you a link to the official sources, as well as to the origin of a rumor. Therefore, we repeat, we try to deliver the original and reliable content. We have a huge experience in the niche since we have similar projects in the television industry. But we are not a media outlet! We are a group of enthusiasts who share the news with the fandom and community. We have no official registration as a press outlet. Thus, all the information provided on TVDate reflects only our opinion on the subject.

Currently, we are discussing only anime. However, soon we're going to extend this project towards the entire niche of television.