The CW Set iZombie Season 5 Release Date

The CW Set iZombie Season 5 Release Date

It seems that the fourth season's premiere of iZombie has been incredibly successful. The season has received the universal acclaim among critics and viewers. Besides, the premiere has drawn more viewers than its predecessor. It would be reasonable to assume that such statistics may impress The CW's bosses. So, many of you are likely wondering whether there will be a fifth season of iZombie on The CW. Luckily, the cable network announced on May 12 that iZombie had been renewed for another round. We were confident in the decision on renewal. Below is our forecast.

Indeed, the current season premiere has garnered more viewers than those of Season 3, 0.99 million versus 0.95 with a 0.3/1 rating/share (P18-49). The show's viewing audience dropped over 2.3 times since its Pilot. Nonetheless, this figure doesn't look so disastrous, given the fact that a finale of Season 1 has drawn just 1.45 million viewers. On the contrary, we regard the ratings of the fourth season more than impressive thereby.

It is especially worth noting reception of the fourth season. It was awe-inspiring. On Rotten Tomatoes, the current installment of iZombie holds a score of 7.96/10 and a 100% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have evaluated the fourth season of the series at 4.8/5/100%. On IMDb, the show's score also remains high, 8.0/10 > 46,300 votes.

Summing up, we conclude that The CW will have to take these data into account. We doubt thereby that the network is going to cancel the show with such impressive statistics. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that iZombie will return for Season 5 on The CW. We just need to wait for a while before the official confirmation by the cable network.

What Is The Show iZombie About?

If you have not yet watched this horror dramedy on The CW, please read a brief overview of iZombie below.

The story focuses on Liv Moore, a former medical resident who accidentally turns into a zombie when visiting a boat party. As a result, Liv is forced to break up with her boyfriend and family since she is eager for human flesh and doesn't want to harm her relatives. Liv realizes that if she was able to suppress her passion to human brains, she has a chance not to be a stereotypical zombie. She decides instead to take a job at the local morgue. This job allows her to eat the brains of the corpses and don't harm living people thereby.

However, Liv's boss Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti reveals her secret. Ravi is interested in Liv's condition and desires to help her. Liv, in turn, soon discovers that when she eats a dead person's brain, she inherits their features and even able to experience flashbacks of their life. In fact, Liv's is useful for police since they now have a chance to find clues for numerous murders. Thus, Liv starts to assist Detective Clive Babineaux in various complicated investigations.

Season 5 Release Date

On January 10, 2019, The CW dropped the official tweet, according to which iZombie will return for Season 5 on Thursday, May 2, 2019.