Code Geass Season 3: What We Know So Far

Code Geass Season 3: What We Know So Far

No matter what did you read about it, Code Geass Season 3 is yet to be announced. Don't mislead yourself by reading tempting headlines and provocative articles, spread throughout the Internet. Now you know that Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, which premiered on February 9, 2019 was nothing but another anime film in the Code Geass franchised, which has been mistakenly taken for a third season of the anime series. In fact, this movie was the fourth in the franchise. Since now the fact is clear for you, we might discuss the odds of Code Geass to be renewed for a next round.

It's worth mentioning that Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection has grossed over ¥1 billion, the amount which is equal to approx. $9 million in the Japanese box office, while the income for the 1st weekend was about $2.6 million. By the way, the North American premiere of the movie is slated for May 5, 2019 (subtitled), and May 7-8 (dubbed). Don't miss the upcoming premiere.

According to the official announcement, Goro Taniguchi as well as most of key staff members returned for the film. The storyline kicks off two years after Zero Requiem, whereas it is planned as the series finale. It's not clear so far whether it will be a finale for the film series or anime series. On MyAnimeList, the movie holds a score of 8.44/10 based on about 1000 votes.

As a result, the right question is whether there will be a Season 3 of Code Geass at all? No doubt, the movie's box office serves a firm indicator for a further decision of renewal. Yet since it was initially conceived as the series finale, the odds look weak.

We frankly keep hoping that Code Geass Season 3 is still possible, no matter what. On the other hand, all indications are that Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection might serve a last chapter of the franchise. Initially, Code Geass was conceived as an anime series, which, unfortunately, has no source as we used to regard it. There is no light novel or manga, which could serve a source for another anime adaptation. Therefore, the decision on renewal may depend only on the Sunrise studio.

Code Geass Season 2 concluded back in 2008. Since then no Season 3 has been announced. All we have seen was only a series of OVAs as well as an anime film series. Looks like that Sunrise doesn't want to maintain the television project. Nonetheless, we don't rule out the decision on renewal completely, as mentioned above.

No doubt, Code Geass Season 3 is highly anticipated by the fans. Most of them are looking forward to a full television season of 25 episodes. It might be a precious present from the Sunrise studio to all the anime fans. Yet the decision depends only on those guys who stand behind Sunrise Inc. We can't affect their decision, by no means. The only thing we can do is only keep hoping and waiting.

Yet we want to repeat it one more time, there has been no official announcement of Code Geass Season 3, and those who spread the fake news are just liars, who want to mislead the fans. We are tracking down the official sources. As soon as the Sunrise studio announces any news concerning Geass Season 3 or even the likely release date, we will update this page. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Code Geass Season 3 Release Date

As mentioned above numerous times, Code Geass Season 3 is yet to be announced. However, when might we expect the premiere in the case of renewal? The question is quite complicated. Each previous season of the anime consisted of 25 episodes. Any studio requires a lot of time to produce a full 2-cour season. In addition, the production is required enough investment. Luckily, thanks to the box office of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, the studio now has enough money.

The only way to evaluate the possible period of production in such a case is to take a look at the gap between two previous seasons. Code Geass Season 1 premiered in 2006, while the next season premiere took place in 2008. As a result, two years were enough for the Sunrise studio to create and produce a full 25-episode season. in the best case scenario, taking into account the data above, Code Geass Season 3 might premiere in September-October 2021, in the case of renewal. That's all we can say on the subject.

Brief Overview

Code Geass Season 1

The story describes a collision between the Holy Britannian Empire and Japan that takes place in the alternative reality and timeline. The cause is due to a long-term diplomatic conflict provoked by the Japanese side. The Britain first used its latest development known as Autonomous Armored Knight. The Japanese army wasn't ready to repel the attacks of such powerful weapon. As a result, Japan defeated, lost its independence and turned into a district named Area 11. Thus, the British have all the privileges and dominate under the Japanese, whom they call Elevens. Some of them attempt to get together into smaller groups of rebels. But the British regard them as terrorists.

The story centers on the adventures of Lelouch VI Britannia, a political captive, sent in Japan together with his sister. He found himself amidst the conflict between Japanese terrorists and British soldiers. The rebels stole a capsule containing a mysterious girl named C.C. (C2). Lelouch encounters the girl, and she bestows him upon power, known as Geass. This newly obtained ability makes him capable of controlling people's wills. Armed with Geass Lelouch is going to avenge on the people guilty in the death of his family and relatives. Now Lelouch is an avenger who hides his face behind the mask. His nickname is Zero, and he leads a group of rebels known as The Black Knights, whose goal is to dethrone the Holy Britannian Empire.

Code Geass Season 2

In Season 2 Lelouch is missing and presumed dead. The Black Rebellion concluded with a fiasco. To avoid the further rebellions, the Elevens live under the correctional regime. Lelouch Lamperouge is an ordinary student who apparently can't reconstruct the past events in his memory. However, the rest of remaining Black Knights undertake a risky mission. As a result, C.C. gets in touch with Lelouch and regenerate his memories. He soon learns, that his father overwrote his memories in an attempt to track down C.C. His sister is missing, while his brother is going to kill him, being a covert assassin, in fact. In spite of this, Lelouch puts on the mask of Zero again, to continue his battle against the Holy Britannian Empire.