Code Geass Season 3 Finally Confirmed. But When Will We See Its Premiere?

Code Geass

Code Geass is a case in point of how the anime world works. Millions of the fans have been waiting for more than a decade before Sunrise announced the third season of the series. The announcement was unexpected since the fans almost lost hope for renewal. Now, most of us want to know when Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection will appear on the small screens.

Plenty of rumors, discussion, and speculation arose after the official confirmation of the third season. Some media outlets claim that Season 3 of Code Geass will premiere later this year, while others suppose that the Sunrise studio will release the third installment of the series in 2018. All the rest believe that Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection will kick off in 2019, after the debut of the third film in the series subtitled Imperial Path, which is scheduled to premiere in May 2018.

In fact, nobody knows the exact date. Everyone is waiting for the official announcement of Sunrise. But the studio keeps a silence on the subject and doesn't hurry up with the official announcement. But the most important fact has slipped past of our attention. Season 2 of Code Geass subtitled Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 came to an end on September 28, 2008. Nine years passed since the end of the second season! But the anime has finally got its third installment. This phenomenon is significant for all the fans of anime because the rest of them still have to hold hope that their favorite anime series could obtain the next season soon. Season 2 of Attack on Titan debuted this June is just another excellent example confirming this fact.

Code Geass debuted in October 2006 on MBS in Japan and won the praise of the target audience. Season 1 of the anime has a score of 8.80/ based on ~ 545,000 user votes. Expecting the commercial success of the series, Sunrise released the second season in April 2008. Season 2 of the series has received the universal acclaim. The viewers have rated the second installment at 8.96/10 ~ 472,000 votes.

However, despite the brilliant figures of the second season of Code Geass, the decision on renewal have been on hiatus for a decade. Finally, in November 2016, the Sunrise studio confirmed Season 3 of the anime. Moreover, the franchise gets a three-part compilation anime film series. Code Geass: Awakening Path is set to premiere on October 21, 2017. The second chapter subtitled Rebellion Path will start in February 2018. Finally, the third film subtitled Imperial Path will debut in May 2018. We expect that Code Geass Season 3 will air just in fall 2018, or in 2019. However, perhaps, we're wrong, and we'll have a chance for the third season this fall, as many argue.

Brief Overview

Season 1

The story describes a collision between the Holy Britannian Empire and Japan that takes place in the alternative reality and timeline. The cause is due to a long-term diplomatic conflict provoked by the Japanese side. The Britain first used its latest development known as Autonomous Armored Knight. The Japanese army wasn't ready to repel the attacks of such powerful weapon. As a result, Japan defeated, lost its independence and turned into a district named Area 11. Thus, the British have all the privileges and dominate under the Japanese, whom they call Elevens. Some of them attempt to get together into smaller groups of rebels. But the British regard them as terrorists.

The story centers on the adventures of Lelouch VI Britannia, a political captive, sent in Japan together with his sister. He found himself amidst the conflict between Japanese terrorists and British soldiers. The rebels stole a capsule containing a mysterious girl named C.C. (C2). Lelouch encounters the girl, and she bestows him upon power, known as Geass. This newly obtained ability makes him capable of controlling people's wills. Armed with Geass Lelouch is going to avenge on the people guilty in the death of his family and relatives. Now Lelouch is an avenger who hides his face behind the mask. His nickname is Zero, and he leads a group of rebels known as The Black Knights, whose goal is to dethrone the Holy Britannian Empire.

Season 2

In Season 2 Lelouch is missing and presumed dead. The Black Rebellion concluded with a fiasco. To avoid the further rebellions, the Elevens live under the correctional regime. Lelouch Lamperouge is an ordinary student who apparently can't reconstruct the past events in his memory. However, the rest of remaining Black Knights undertake a risky mission. As a result, C.C. gets in touch with Lelouch and regenerate his memories. He soon learns, that his father overwrote his memories in an attempt to track down C.C. His sister is missing, while his brother is going to kill him, being a covert assassin, in fact. In spite of this, Lelouch puts on the mask of Zero again, to continue his battle against the Holy Britannian Empire.

What do we know about Season 3?

The only thing is clear is that the third chapter will take place a few years after the events of the Zero Requiem. Lelouch is alive. It won't be an alternate version, according to director Goro Taniguchi. There is no additional data concerning Season 3 of Code Geass. But we'll soon learn the extended info and update this page.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection release date is unknown as well, as of yet. We suppose that the third season will premiere in fall 2018, or in 2019. However, as mentioned above, some media outlets claim that Lelouch might return later this year. Who is right? We'll see.