Attack on Titan: Will There Be A Season 4?

Attack on Titan

Honestly, we knew that Attack on Titan is a long-term project. Now it's clear that this dark fantasy anime returns for a third season as the producers have confirmed renewal. However, yet in 2014, the series was on the long hiatus. As you remember, few people believed in the second season. But for us it was apparent. In fact, you need to realize that this anime is an integral part of Japanese folklore similar to the legend of Godzilla. The idea to repel numerous attacks of the monsters exists in Japanese blood since birth. As a result, this fear to be attacked by some fictional creatures will occasionally emerge in their movies, literature, as well as light/web novels, anime, etc.

Shingeki no Kyojin is a case in point of how the world of anime exists and works, on the other hand. Season 1 of the series started off in far May 2014. After the conclusion of the season in November of the same year, millions of fans have been waiting for three long years before the release of the next season. But the franchise was so much success that the series' creators decided to meet the demand of fans yet before a finale of the second season. Thus, on June 17, 2017, an exciting announcement appeared on the official Twitter page of the anime.

Of course, now you can breathe a sigh of relief, as Season 3 is officially in production. But you must take into account that such soon announcement is rather an exception to the rule in the world of anime. As a rule, the fans are waiting for years before learning at least something on the subject. Nonetheless, each of us knows that Attack on Titan worthed it to expect.

Also interesting to note that the promotional campaign has already started. Funimation uploaded a 15-second teaser on their official YouTube channel to promote the upcoming season. The teaser allows us to lift the veil into the third season of the series while depicting new epic battle scenes, possible villains, as well as enigmatic flashbacks of Eren and Mikasa. Watch the teaser below.

The tentative premiere date has also been announced at Anime EXPO 2017. Shingeki no Kyojin will return for Season 3 in spring 2018, presumably on April 2018. However, we must admit that this is, actually, an early announcement.

The current season of Attack on Titan is presently in its twelfth episode. Just a half of Season 2 aired till now. Does this mean that the Japanese studios start to implement the US model to announce the new seasons for their series before the ending of the current season? If so, it should be great! Because, in fact, there is nothing to write, as for the rest of the anime series due to lack of official announcements. Anyway, we regard such early confirmation of a next season as good news, as well as a good signal for other Japanese studios.

Indeed, the viewers love this anime. Few series can boast with such impressive ratings. Season 1 of Shingeki no Kyojin has a score of 8.52/10 based on over 787,500 votes, on MyAnimeList. The second season was a bit more successful, given the rating of 8.55/10 ~ 202,000 votes. The series keeps an excellent indicator on IMDb, 8,8/10 ~ 84,000 votes, and so on. Taking into account all the data below, we conclude that Season 4 of Attack on Titan is entirely possible as well. We project the premiere date in 2019, as you may guess :-)

For people who learned about this anime just now, here is a brief overview below.


This story depicts the epic confrontation between humankind and mysterious invaders called Titans who came from nowhere. For centuries, people suffered from their attacks. However, over time, they managed to invent various solutions to repel their aggression. People erected three incredible high and wide walls to protect themselves from the monsters. Unfortunately, the Titans, nonetheless, find the way to get inside.

As a result, many people have lost their families, friends, and relatives, given the fact that Titans eat human flesh. To avoid the next disaster, people living inside the walls started to use specialized mechanical equipment, to repel the attacks, on the way. Also, they created numerous squads capable of resisting the possible new attacks. Eventually, people came outside the walls to explore the neighborhood. But here they faced an even more dangerous threat.

The key storyline centers on the adventures of Eren Yeager and his friends. Eren lost his entire family as a result of another attack. Therefore, he vowed to fight with the Titans before all their populations die. To achieve the goal, he enlists the Scouting Legion, to track down and kill these monsters.

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