Even If Accel World Season 2 Happens, It Would Be The End Of The Anime

Even If Accel World Season 2 Happens, It Would Be The End Of The Anime

Perhaps you are aware of the fact that the Accel World manga ended in June. Therefore, a reasonable question is in the air, what about a Season 2 of the anime? Do we need to wait for another half of the decade before Sunrise Inc. makes its decision? The franchise creators hinted numerous times that they are ready to produce another installment of the Accel World anime. However, since then, there has been no official news on the subject. It seems that Accel World is another franchise that is in limbo. But whether the facts so evident? Let's try to figure out what might happen to the franchise later.

In fact, there are many favorable indicators in favor of the version that Accel World Season 2 could happen. The first and the most valuable of them is that there is enough source material in the original light novel series to produce at least one more season of the anime. The first season of Accel World covers just several volumes of the original novel. So there are plenty of materials for another television adaptation. Another good sign is that the franchise is continuing to extend. Accel World vs. Sword Art Online PS4/PS Vita Game is a firm confirmation of this assumption. An anime film subtitled Infinite Burst that premiered in July 2016 is just another point in favor of this theory.

Secondly, Accel World worth continuation, since the ending of the first season of the anime doesn't seem to be completed. So, if the authors will add some new curves of the plot borrowed from the original light novel, it would be greatly showcased in the further episodes of the series. An anime film, as well as video games of the franchise, all have a bit different storylines. We need something more valuable to complete the anime series. In any case, if the second season happens someday, it would be the last season of the series.

Another significant indicator is a reception by the viewers. We can't consider this index excellent, but the figure seems to be enough to judge about the popularity of the anime among the target audience. On MyAnimeList, Accel World has a score of 7.57/10 ~ 212,000 user votes. Not a top-rated anime, actually, but still. On IMDb, we can note almost the same figure, 7,4/10 ~ 1,300 votes. The viewers of Hulu, on the other hand, have rated the first season of the series at 4.7/10 based on over 6,150 votes. So, in general, we conclude that the viewers were satisfied watching the first season of Accel World.

Summing up, we have enough source for a next season, a pretty high reception, as well as a continuing franchise, which regularly extends with the films and video games. Besides, apparently, the series creators are ready for the next installment. But why thereby we're waiting so long? The recent updates in the world of anime allow us to continue to keep hoping since many anime series have finally got their next seasons this year. As for Accel World, there has been no confirmation of renewal as of yet.

Accel World premiered in April 2012 on Tokyo MX. Soon, TVA, MBS, AT-X, and other Japanese channels began to broadcast the series. Sunrise studio served a developer of the series. Viz Media acted as a licensor of the anime in North America. Season 1 of Accel World consists of twenty-four episodes + 2 OVA. The first season concluded on September 22, 2012. Season 2 of the anime is still in uncertainty.

What Is Accel World About?

The story follows a chubby, awkward gamer named Haruyuki Arita. Due to his overweight, Haruyuki is a subject of mockery among the school bullies. As a result, he is attempting to escape real life while playing virtual squash. However, his gaming skills one day attract the attention of the school's queen Kuroyukihime. She introduces Haruyuki to Brain Burst, a program that is capable of fasting his brain activity. As a result, the reality around him could stop for a while. Over time, he discovers that Brain Burst is an ARMMO fighting game which allows its users to collect up the points that they can use in real life to extend their physical abilities.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date

We know that you are bored of waiting for renewal within five tedious years. Unfortunately, the world of anime plays its own game. As mentioned above, we assume that Accel World Season 2 could happen. However, we doubt that the announcement will follow this year due to a release of the video game. Of course, the series creators had enough time to produce another installment of the anime. However, they still need some time to promote the new season (if it exists in the cards). So more likely date for Season 2 is 2018. But no one knows when this event could happen. Anyway, we're waiting for the official announcement. Stay tuned for updates. We'll inform you about the further news.