Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Whether Renewal Is Possible?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Whether Renewal Is Possible?

Those of you who have been witnessing a finale of Tokyo Ghoul: re Cour 2 are concerned about a possible Season 5 of the anime. In fact, there is always a confusion when it comes to an anime since it's, as a rule, not clear which season is currently airing. In our opinion, Tokyo Ghoul: re is nothing but a 3rd season of the Tokyo Ghoul television franchise split into two cours. Yet since most of you used to call it Season 4, we will be discussing a Season 5 of the anime.

As you can see, Tokyo Ghoul: re fully covers the original manga. As a result, the Tokyo Ghoul franchise most likely to end with this television adaptation. Yet such opinion may be wrong since the manga is ongoing. Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 16 was issued on July 19, 2018, which happened after Tokyo Ghoul: re started to broadcast.

One might argue that the release happened before the premiere of Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 (which you call Season 4 in the franchise). Nonetheless, we doubt that the Pierrot studio could have enough time to adapt some chapters of the sixteenth volume in a television series. Therefore, the fact is that the Tokyo Ghoul manga is continuing serialization.

Even despite the fact that Tokyo Ghoul: re has fully covered the previous manga volumes, the current, sixteenth volume added 15 more chapters that might serve a source for another television adaptation. Of course, such quantity of source material is not enough for a full television season. Nevertheless, the two last volumes were issued with a hiatus of only 3 months. We thereby tend to think that one year or two will be enough for the manga author to produce enough source material for another season.

In addition, we might take a look at a reception, which Tokyo Ghoul: re received from the viewers, they were apparently fully satisfied with this anime adaptation. On MyAnimeList, Tokyo Ghoul: re (or Season 4) holds a score of 7.19 based on over 150,000 votes.

No doubt, all the data presented above are nothing but our vision on the future of the series, and the final decision, of course, will depend on the guys who stand behind the production of the anime, yet all indications point out the possible decision on renewal. We're looking forward to the official announcement, and are tracking the official sources in order you to be the one who knows the first if Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 is announced. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Release Date

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 is yet to be announced. However, as mentioned above, we don't rule out the renewal completely. Therefore, in the positive case scenario, we tend to believe that Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 might premiere not earlier than in 2021 or even in 2022. No doubt, you don't want to wait so long. Yet given the speed the author required in order to release two latest volumes, it might take less time to create the missing chapters of the story. In such a case, we would be expecting Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 much earlier. Yet still, we will have to wait for the official announcement.

Tokyo Ghoul Summary

The story take place in an alternate world where ghouls are living among humans. These beings can't survive without human flash. However, unlike much similar anime series, they are out of the law. As a result, ghouls always try to hide from the authorities. Of course, these creatures are faster, stronger, as well as smarter compared to ordinary humans.

Ken Kaneki was unlucky to date with a female ghoul. As a result of the unsuccessful surgery, he turned into a half-ghoul. Thus, unlike other ghouls, Kaneki feels himself closer to humans, and he doesn't want to harm them thereby. But he needs to eat human flesh like his vampire brethren to survive. Otherwise, he will die. So, Kaneki must cope with his new way of life, trying to maintain his contacts with humans and ghouls alike.