The Last O.G. Will Return With Season 2 on TBS

The Last O.G. Will Return With Season 2 on TBS

Ted Turner owned network TBS has recently released a brand new comedy titled The Last O.G. In fact, a "sneak peek" originally aired on March 31, 2018. But the official premiere held on April 3. TBS is famous for their comedy lineup. In our opinion, The Last O.G. perfect fits for the network's programming slate. But whether there will be a next season of Last O.G. on TBS? Luckily, on April 23, TBS confirmed that The Last O.G. had been renewed for a second season.

In fact, the comedy has showcased pretty solid statistics during its premiere. The Pilot has garnered 1.871 million viewers with a 0.7 demo rating among adults 18-49. Given such data, we were confident that The Last O.G. would surely be back for another season on TBS since few shows on the network might boast with such impressive figures. For instance, The Detour premiered to 1.166 million viewers. As you know, TBS has renewed the show for two additional seasons. Another comedy People of Earth has drawn 0.91 million viewers during its premiere. Nonetheless, TBS has opted to pick up the series for another round. Accordingly, the viewing figures for The Last O.G. look incredibly strong. Even Angie Tribeca wasn't able to gather such a vast audience during the premiere.

Another positive indicator which played in favor of renewal was the response from critics and viewers. The Last O.G. has received mainly favorable reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show's score is 7.25/10 and an 81% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the 1st installment of The Last O.G. at 4.1/5/71%. On Metacritic, the comedy series has a score of 65/100 among critics. An overall rating of The Last O.G. on IMDb is 6.3/10 ~ 200 votes.

Summing up, we thought that if The Last O.G. keeps the ratings above the mark of one million viewers per episode during its first installment, TBS will renew the comedy for Season 2. The Last O.G. possessed the outstanding ratings; the response from the target audience was excellent; finally, the show has expanded the TBS comedy programming slate. Accordingly, our verdict was that The Last O.G. would be returning for Season 2 on TBS. The decision on renewal has been only a matter of time. Fortunately, we were right in our estimate.

The Last O.G. Summary

If you didn't have a chance to observe this comedy series on TBS, we would suggest you read a brief overview of The Last O.G. below. Otherwise, scroll down to get acquainted with our forecast on the possible release date for another season of the series.

The story focuses on Tray Barker, an ex-con who was serving his sentence for fifteen years. He managed to receive a grant of parole. Upon returning to his hometown, Tray discovers fundamental changes of his old Brooklyn neighborhood. Tray's ex, Shay, has got married to a white man, and thereby, she is now a mother to her twin children Amira and Shazad. With the assistance of his cousin, Bobby, as well as a halfway house owner, Mullins, Tray steps into his new life, having an intention of becoming a better man and a father.

On The Likely Release Date For Season 2

In our opinion, The Last O.G. is one of the top-rated comedy series on TBS. Therefore, we were confident in the further renewal of the show. As mentioned above, TBS has eventually announced the decision of renewal. But the exact release date is yet to be announced. We are inclined to believe that The Last O.G. would return for Season 2 on TBS this fall since there is enough time to produce another ten-episode round of the show. However, in any case, we are looking forward to the official news by TBS. We'll update this article when the network announces more actual data. For now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.