Showtime Renews The Chi For Season 2 With New Showrunner

The Chi

It's a bold step for any network to release the series, which is destined not for everyone. But it seems that for Showtime this action was not in vain. The Chi turned pretty successful, given the results of its premiere. The story of the troubled preteens from the poor neighborhood didn't leave the viewers indifferent. However, the first season comes to an end soon. As a result, many viewers want to know, whether or not Showtime is going to pick up The Chi for another round? Fortunately, on January 30, 2018, Showtime confirmed that The Chi had been renewed for a second season. Additionally, Showtime revealed that Ayanna Floyd Davis (Empire, Hannibal) inked a deal with the network to serve as executive producer and showrunner for the second season of The Chi.

Unlike The Get Down, The Chi looks gloomy and devoid of brilliance. Nonetheless, both critics and viewers have found this show exciting. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Chi has a score of 7.44/10 with an 84% approval rating among critics and 4.3/5/85% among the viewers. However, on Metacritic, the figures look a bit different, 75/100, 5.5/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, Showtime's new drama has a score of 6.8/10. In general, these statistics are more than favorable.

Nevertheless, the most notable statistics is the television ratings of the show. The Pilot has garnered 0.533 million viewers with a 0.19 key demo (P18-49). However, the subsequent episodes have drawn much more viewers (0.570 and 0.707 million viewers, respectively). This uptrend looks promising. Moreover, it's quite a rare phenomenon when ratings are growing up with the following episodes.

As a result, we foresaw that The Chi has a strong potential for renewal. The show looks serious, elaborated, and well done. The first season of The Chi has received mostly positive reviews from the target audience. Besides, the show's ratings are rising. That's why we predicted that Showtime is about to renew The Chi for a second season. All the statistical indicators played in favor of renewal. As a result, we believed that Showtime would take these figures into account. As a result, Showtime made a right decision, when the network renewed The Chifor Season 2.

The Chi Summary

The story unfolds on the South Side of Chicago, whence the show's short name. This area hides dangers for its residents. Each decision in this place may affect your life or death. The kids grow up early in such conditions. They are forced to take care of their lives while their parents at work. Life goes on when the preteens are preparing for school. Meanwhile, the elders watch for them sitting on their front porches.

The storyline focuses on a group of preteens, which tries to cope with all the difficulties of the life in such neighborhood. Each of them has own desires. However, this area has the potential to crush dreams. The process of adulthood is going faster. The guys thereby must be ready for the adult troubles, despite the fact that they are just kids. At the same time, the South Side of Chicago lives according to its rules. In spite of their good intentions, the protagonists found themselves plunged in a chain of unfortunate circumstances.

Concerning The Likely Release Date For Season 2

As mentioned above, we predicted the strong potential of The Chi to return for the next season. Our small study illustrated that this show possesses the uptrend in the ratings as well as positive reception by critics and viewers. Fortunately, Showtime took these figures into account in their decision. Thus, our forecast was right.

As for the release date for the next season, we doubt that Showtime is going to release a sophomore chapter this year. Most likely, the second season's premiere is scheduled for next winter. Thus, we expect The Chi Season 2 in December of 2018 -- January of 2019. In any case, we are waiting for the official confirmation by Showtime. As of now, stay tuned for updates. We will refresh this page as soon as getting some additional data on the subject of the release date. We will keep you informed.