Superior Donuts Won't Be Back For Season 3 on CBS

Superior Donuts Won't Be Back For Season 3 on CBS

The viewing audience of the sitcom Superior Donuts decreased more than twice during the second season premiere. But it's worth noting that the show's ratings were not impressive yet by the end of Season 1. Nonetheless, CBS opted to renew the comedy series for a sophomore round. Whether or nor Superior Donuts will survive in the CBS lineup for this time? Will the show be returning for a third season? Unfortunately, on May 12, 2018, the network spokesmen proclaimed that the sitcom wouldn't return for another round on CBS.

In fact, Superior Donuts was quite an average show in all senses. On the other hand, perhaps this was a reason why CBS opted to pick up the show for one more season. If we take a look at the show's ratings, they were impressive during the premiere. Superior Donuts has garnered 10.54 million viewers with a 1.9/7 rating/share among adults 18-49. Nonetheless, by the end of the season, the viewing audience decreased below the mark of five million viewers per episode (4.84 million viewers in a finale). Frankly, almost everyone has been sure that CBS is about to ax the show.

The national broadcaster, nevertheless, opted to renew Superior Donuts for a second season and add eight additional episodes to this installment. What served a cause of such a decision? The second round debuted to 4.76 million viewers with a 0.8 key demo (P18-49). That was a fiasco, generally speaking. However, the ratings later recovered up to 5.91 million viewers per episode. As a result, the viewership increased up to the figures in the first half of Season 1.

Let's now pay our attention to reception by critics and viewers. This indicator was ambivalent during the two seasons. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the current season of Superior Donuts has a score of 2.9/5 and a 46% approval rating among the viewers. Meanwhile, in Season 1, this indicator was 3.1/5/55%. As for the critics, they have met the first installment of Superior Donuts with a score of 6.07/10 and a 62% approval rating. On the other hand, on Metacritic, the figures were even worse, 56/100 and 3.8/10, among critics/viewers, respectively.

Summing up, our attitude to Superior Donuts was quite doubtful and somewhat controversial. On the one hand, this show showcased not impressive statistics. On the other, CBS apparently has their own mysterious plans regarding the future of Superior Donuts. After all, the ratings have improved by the middle of Season 2. As a result, Superior Donuts still had a chance for a third installment. But CBS decided to cancel the sitcom after two seasons.

What Is The Show Superior Donuts About?

If you have not watched this sitcom on CBS, please read a brief overview of Superior Donuts below.

The story focuses on Arthur Przybyszewski, an old-aged donut shop owner. Arthur's eatery struggles financially. That's why he hires Franco, a young, ambitious employee, who apparently knows how to modernize this old school donut shop. It doesn't seem that Arthur is ready for changes. He opened his institution yet in the late 1960s. He is an old-fashioned and to some extent grumpy widower. Arthur's business is afloat thanks to the shop's various patrons.

Among them, Randy, a cop whose father has recently been Arthur's best friend; James, Randy's geeky younger partner; Tush, a fired factory worker, who uses the donut shop as his temporary office; Maya, a college student from an upper-class family. Franco's roommate and friend Sweatpants is also among the regular visitor of Arthur's donut shop. Finally, Fawz is a real estate agent who pushes Arthur to sell his shop to him.