Is There Going To Be Stumptown Season 2 on ABC?

Is There Going To Be Stumptown Season 2 on ABC?

When it comes to crime drama, ABC is the network, which is responsible for the best ones in the genre. Stumptown is a new television series, which premiered in September on ABC. The crime drama has been praised by both critics and viewers. And those of you who has also appreciated Stumptown are no doubt wonder whether there will be a Season 2 of the series. Even despite that ABC has yet to announce the network's resolution on the subject, we have every reason to believe that Stumptown Season 2 is due to happen. And below is the answer why we suppose so.

First, we want to state the obvious thing. ABC, as a rule, picks up a vast majority of its freshmen for their sophomore rounds if they have received the universal acclaim. And in the case with Stumptown, we faced the same circumstance. If we take a look at the reception, which Stumptown has received from critics and viewers, it was above praise. On Rotten Tomatoes, Stumptown Season 1 holds a score of 8.38/10 and a 93% approval rating from critics, while viewers have given a rating of 89%, with an overall score of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Despite that we see not the exact same result on Metacritic, it may be explained by the fact that not so many viewers had a chance to watch the new crime drama so far, given a score of 5.1/10. Meanwhile, most of the critics were more than satisfied while watching the show's premiere, taking into account a score of 73/100. But still, IMDbreflects the more reliable picture, talking about the reception, with a score of 7.6/10 based on over 1,200 votes.

Next, let's take a look at the viewership of the crime drama series. Stumptown Season 1 premiere has garnered 4.61 million viewers with a 0.7/4 key demo/share among adults (P18-49). A sophomore episode has lost 13.57% of the viewing audience, and gathered a bit less than four million viewers (3.988) with a 0.70 key demo. To be honest, the viewing figures don't look impressive enough, yet such statistics are acceptable for the further decision on renewal.

Summing up, Stumptown seems to be another regular show on ABC, which, by the way, has received excellent reviews from critics and viewers. And since even those television series, which possessed worse statistics have eventually been renewed for their respective next seasons, we don't see any obstacle for ABC to pick up Stumptown for a Season 2. So guys, we now need cross the fingers and keep waiting for the official announcement. Fortunately, we are tracking down all the official news, which arrives from ABC, to inform you about the most actual data as soon as possible.

Stumptown Season 2 Release Date

As you can see, we don't rule out the returning of Stumptown for another season. At least the statistics that we showcased above play in favor of renewal. But when could be the premiere in such a case? Unfortunately, ABC has yet to announce the number of episodes in Stumptown Season 1, and we thereby can't make our forecast more precise. But still, there could be just one scenario for the subsequent events. We're not 100% sure, but looks like that Stumptown Season 1 should contain at least 24 episodes.

In such a case, we can't expect Stumptown Season 2 earlier than next fall, in September 2020, given the current schedule of the crime drama series. Of course we don't rule out the summer premiere at all, but we doubt that there are less than 20 episodes in the 1st installment of Stumptown. And as you know the production of a full-length 24-episode season, as a rule takes not less than a year. That's why our conclusion is that Stumptown might return for a second season only next fall, in case of renewal.

Stumptown Summary

The story centers on Dex Parios, a witty military veteran, whose mission is to survive in the modern severe world and take care of her younger brother. Dixie suffers from the PTSD, which is her ill legacy after military service in Afghanistan. Besides, Dex is addicted to gambling, whence her debts. Given all these circumstances, Dex can't a steady job. That's why she decided to turn into a private investigator. In such a way, she is capable of assisting the police in such cases where the officials can't be involved. Stumptown premiered on September 25, 2019, on ABC. Jason Richman served as a creator of the series as well as as an executive producer.