CBS Opted Not To Pick Up Scorpion For Season 5

CBS Opted Not To Pick Up Scorpion For Season 5

A sad fact, but the viewing audience of Scorpion continued to decrease. Nonetheless, CBS opted to pick up the show for a fourth season, which premiered last September. This series, however, remained one of the fans' favorite. As a result, many of them were concerned about the possibility of the next season of the show. Unfortunately, on May 12, 2018, the network announced that Scorpion won't return for Season 5 due to the cancellation.

As a rule, we use the statistical approach to predict the future of a show since the figures usually don't lie. This time we were right in our forecast.

In comparison with its pilot episode, Scorpion lost about 60% of its viewing audience. But still, the show's ratings seem to be strong. The current season's premiere has garnered 5.754 million viewers with a 0.97 key demo (P18-49). It's worth noting that the figures were not volatile during the fourth season of the show. Noteworthy that fifteenth episode of the season has drawn 5.82 million viewers, the amount, which exceeds the viewership of the season's premiere. Thus, we regarded the television rating of Scorpion quite steady.

The fourth season was a success among the target audience as well. On Rotten Tomatoes, Scorpion Season 4 has a score of 3.9/5 and a 72% approval rating from the viewers. On IMDb, the series has a score of 7.2/10 ~ 39,000 votes. So, in general, Scorpion showcases fairly steady trend in both ratings and response of the target audience. Nonetheless, we concluded that Scorpion had a foggy chance to return for another round on CBS.

What Is Scorpion About?

If you have not yet watched this drama series on CBS, here is a brief overview below.

The story focuses on Walter O'Brien, an eccentric genius, who assemble a close-knit team of misfits to resist various national high-tech threats. Walter's squad of geniuses consists of Toby Curtis, a brilliant behaviorist; Happy, a female prodigy, who deals with the mechanical equipment and gadgets; and Sylvester, a shy guy, who is capable of multiplying five-digit numbers in his mind. Meanwhile, Paige serves as an interpreter, who connect these talented guys with the outer world. She is the only team member who has no superhuman abilities, as it may seem. But her son is a young prodigy, who feels comfortable among the gifted people. Finally, Agent Cabe Gallo leads the team Scorpion. Gallo initially recruited O'Brien, convincing him to serve his country.