USA Network Picks Up Queen of the South For Season 5

USA Network Picks Up Queen of the South For Season 5

On August 29, USA Network officially announced that its hit drama Queen of the South has been renewed for a Season 5. The decision on renewal has been announced the same day when the fourth season finale had taken place. No specific release date for Queen of the South Season 5 has been announced so far.

Those of us who watched all the previous seasons of the drama series know that Queen of the South has been praised by both critics and viewers. As a result, the positive decision on renewal wasn't a huge surprise for all the fans.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Queen of the South Season 4 holds a score of 3.9/5 and a 75% approval rating from viewers. On IMDb, the drama series is keeping a very high score of 7.9/10 based on over 12,500 votes. Yet, in our opinion, the decision to pick up Queen of the South for another round has been made by USA Network due to very strong television ratings of the drama series. The current, 4th season premiere has garnered almost a million viewers (0.988 [-20.32%]) with a 0.32 key demo (-21.95% versus Season 3) among adults (P18-49).

Queen of the South Season 5 Release Date

As mentioned above, despite that USA Network has opted to pick up Queen of the South for its fifth round, no specific release date has been announced as of yet. However, to be honest, it's not a secret when will Queen of the South return for a Season 5. If we take a look at the current schedule of the drama series, it becomes clear that Queen of the South Season 5 is set to premiere next summer, in June 2020. All we need to do is just keep waiting for the official confirmation.

But still, please bear in mind that the data above is nothing but out forecast. We are tracking down all the official reports that arrive from USA Network. Once the network sets a particular date for Queen of the South Season 5, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Queen of the South Summary

The story focuses on Teresa Mendoza, a poor young woman who has recently left Mexico. There, she was falling in love with a gangster belonging to a prominent drug cartel. Teresa dreamt of preventing hopelessness, which surrounded her life. But when her beloved is murdered, Teresa has been forced to flee from her hometown abroad. Teresa managed to find a shelter in the United States.

Here, in the USA, Teresa teams up with her former best friend having the intention to dethrone the leader of the drug cartel. As a result, Teresa heads an own drug empire, turning into one of the world's influential women over time. However, eventually, Teresa realizes that her fortune can't serve as a solution to all of her issues. She would have to trust herself to survive and surpass her opponents.