One-Punch Man Returns For Season 2 April 2, 2019

One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man Season 2 release date is slated for April 2, 2019. The official announcement has been published on the official Twitter page of the anime series in the beginning of March. Back in August 2018, VIZ media dropped the official teaser of the upcoming season. You may watch the official trailer below. Fortunately, the waiting is almost over, and you will be witnessing the upcoming premiere already next month.

In addition, it was announced that the second season's ED song "Chizu ga Nakutemo Modorukara" (I will be back even if without a map) is confirmed to be sung by 29-year-old voice actor Makoto Furukawa, who has been voicing the protagonist of the anime, Saitama. It will be released as his second solo single from Lantis on May 22, 2019.

No doubt, One-Punch Man Season 2 was one of the most expected anime projects. We have been waiting for this announcement since the end of 2016. Meanwhile, in Japan the first season aired yet in 2015.

It's worth mentioning that One-Punch Man Season 1 caused a fever. The anime has received the universal acclaim. Both fans and critics were impressed with the series. According to MyAnimeList, the first season of One-Punch Man holds a score of 8.71 based on over 828,300 votes. On IMDb, the show's score looks even more impressive, 8.9/10 ~ 78,000 votes.

One-Punch Man Summary

The story centers on the nondescript twenty-something bald guy who is capable of defeating any rival using just one punch. His name is Saitama, and he lives Z-City, a town on the planet similar to our Earth. Alike in other anime of the genre, hordes of various monsters regularly attack the citizens of Z-City. As a result, the squads of superheroes are trying to restore order and protect the world against numerous threats.

However, due to his omnipotence and invincibility, he is dying of boredom. Saitama can't find an appropriate rival who will have at least a chance to resist him. In fact, he dreamt of becoming a superhero since childhood. But he couldn't even imagine that this is so easy to defeat the monsters. Thus, his job turned into a routine.

But one day, he learns about the Hero Association thanks to a cyborg named Genos. This institution allows him to become a legitimate fighter with evil and provides him some salary as well. Here Saitama meets other superheroes.

What Do We Expect In One-Punch Man Season 2

To date, there is no official synopsis for the next season. But, as it appears, Saitama will finally meet someone who is capable of defeating him. However, he would likely manage to get revenge. The rumor is that Garou will have to become more efficient than Saitama. Nonetheless, some sources claim that he will appear just at the end of the upcoming season. At the moment, the producers don't hurry up to reveal the details. Well, we'll wait.

One-Punch Man Season 2 Release Date

If to translate the official announcement in English, One-Punch Man is set to premiere on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, and TV Aichi at 25:35 on April 2, 2019 (JST). Don't miss the upcoming premiere. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed concerning the further news of the franchise.