When To Expect The Gifted Season 2 Premiere?

When To Expect The Gifted Season 2 Premiere?

Those of you who finished watching The Gifted on FOX in January are likely wondering, whether there will be a second season of the superhero series? However, two weeks before the season finale, FOX announced that the network had opted to pick up sci-fi drama for another round. But no words have been said on the subject of the likely release date for a next installment. In fact, the decision of renewal was expectable since the show has received mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. Furthermore, the television ratings were quite steady.

It seems that FOX on a par with other television networks has discovered a goldmine in adapting Marvel properties for small screens. Well, while FOX counts up the income, we might look at some data in an attempt to figure out why the network made this decision and when finally The Gifted Season 2 could start?

Indeed, the show's ratings were excellent. The season premiere has garnered almost five million viewers (4.899) with a 1.48 demo rating among adults 18-49. As mentioned above, the figures were steady during the entire season. Nonetheless, the viewing audience dropped up to 3.435 million viewers per episode by the end of the season. This point didn't affect the decision by FOX, most likely, because of the brilliant reception of the series.

On Rotten Tomatoes, The Gifted holds a score of 6.71/10 and a 71% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the first installment of the superhero drama at 4.1/5/79%. We observe almost the same statistics on Metacritic, 63/100 and 7.1/10 among critics/viewers, respectively. An overall rating of The Gifted on IMDb is also high, 7.7/10 ~ 18,000 votes. We tend to think that FOX estimated both these factors before making their decision on renewal. After all, honestly, the decision was entirely predictable. We suppose that few doubted that FOX is about to pick up their freshman supernatural drama series for Season 2.

The Gifted Summary

If you have not yet watched this supernatural drama series on FOX, we suggest you read a brief overview of The Gifted below. Otherwise, you may scroll down to learn our thoughts concerning the likely release date for a next season.

The story might seem trivial for those viewers who have watched the X-Men film series. The plot focuses on a family on the run. Reed and Caitlin Strucker one day have discovered that their children, Lauren and Andy, possess the superhuman abilities. As expected, the government will never miss a chance to take such unusual people under control. As a result, the Strucker family rapidly becomes a target pursued by the hostile governmental structures. In an attempt to escape, the protagonists are joining an underground network of mutants, where they eventually will obtain a shelter.

On The Possible Release Date For Season 2 Of The Gifted

Now you are aware of the fact that FOX has renewed The Gifted for another season. But the network has yet to announce the exact date for the next installment for some reason. It seems that the production on Season 2 could take at least half a year, while the promotion, as a rule, takes almost the equal amount of time. Therefore, we're inclined to believe that The Gifted would likely return for its sophomore season this fall, in October 2018, given the current schedule of the show.

However, it's unknown so far how many episodes a next season might contain. Thus, we don't rule out the winter premiere, in January 2019. In any case, this is nothing but our forecast about the possible release date for a next installment. Of course, we are looking forward to the official news from FOX. We will update this article when FOX reveals any additional data on the subject. For now, watch the official teaser for Season 2 below. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.