F Is for Family Will Be Back For A Season 4 in 2020

F Is for Family Will Be Back For A Season 4 in 2020

Netflix has officially confirmed the renewal of F Is for Family for Season 4. The decision of renewal has been reported by Netflix to DeadLine, Variety, and the Hollywood Reporter, the media outlets that we regard as reliable. According to the official data, the premiere is slated for 2020. However, no exact release date has been announced. F Is for Family Season 4 will contain ten episodes like the two previous seasons of the adult animated sitcom. As you remember, the pilot season consisted of only six episodes.

No doubt, F Is for Family is an extraordinary animated sitcom, that's why many viewers have written positive reviews about this show. On Rotten Tomatoes, F Is for Family Season 3 holds a score of 4.5/5 and a 94% approval rating. On Metacritic, the sitcom has a rating of 7.5/10. Looks like Bill Burr won the hearts of the target audience.

Nothing is surprising in the fact that F Is for Family has become a hit since the series transfers the viewer into the atmosphere of 1970s, where the world has been entirely different. Honestly, nostalgia is one of such a thing which those who stand behind Netflix managed to realize. Stranger Things, for instance, might serve an excellent example.

We dare to assume that F Is for Family is nothing but The Simpsons of Netflix. Yet it's worth noting that both shows are targeted to the different audiences. We tend to believe that F Is for Family is a long-term cooperation between a stand-up comedian Bill Burr and Netflix, which will be lasting for years.

F Is for Family Season 4 Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix is scheduled F Is for Family Season 4 premiere for 2020, while no exact date has been revealed. Yet in fact, we have two possible periods for the upcoming premiere. According to the current scheduled of the series, F Is for Family Season 4 premiere might take place in May or November-December of 2020. So we are looking forward to the official confirmation of the release date from Netflix. As soon as the global streamer announces the official data on the subject, we will publish it here. Stay tuned for updates.

What Is F Is for Family About?

If you have not watched this animated web series on Netflix yet, please read a brief overview of this show below.

The story focuses on Frank Murphy, a querulous, short-tempered upper-lower class worker who lives in the Great Lakes suburbs with his wife Sue and their three children. Frank is of Irish origin and Korean war vet, whose duty is to serve as a baggage handler at the local Mohican Airlines. Frank is unpretentious as to his wishes. But, of course, he dreams of a color TV. However, when Frank's boss dies in a violent workplace accident, he climbs the career ladder. Frank's wife dresses without any frills and frequently quarrels with him without reason. But when Frank has lost his job, she managed to gain dubious success in the field of MLM business.

Frank, as a rule, communicates with his children by shouting. However, it's worth noting that they give rise to such attitude. Kevin is Frank's rebellious and lustful son, who regularly gets in troubles; Bill is Frank's younger son, which frequently becomes a subject of bullying; Maureen, Frank's daughter, whom he treats like a princess, but who instead could cause numerous troubles similar to other family members. Also worth noting Vic, who lives next door to Frank. Vic works as a DJ at the local radio station. He behaves like a wealthy womanizer. However, Vic usually ready to assist Frank with advice.