F Is for Family Would Likely Return For Season 3 This Fall

F is for Family

Rare sitcom may convey the atmosphere of a particular epoch. However, this task was almost impossible for an animated series. Nonetheless, it seems that Bill Burr in his masterpiece called F Is for Family managed to evoke a sense of nostalgia in his adult audience. It was evident that Netflix won't leave this successful comedy series without proper attention. That's why we believed that the decision on renewal is just a matter of time. As a result, On June 28, 2017, Netflix officially confirmed that F Is for Family will return for its 3rd round. So, you have another chance to plunge into the 1970s headlong.

Netflix has always shown interest in something unique and managed to predict another hit somehow. Thus, a sophomore chapter of F Is for Family turned out even more successful. The audience of Rotten Tomatoes has evaluated the second season of this adult animated sitcom at 4.4/5 with a 93% approval rating. In the meantime, the critics were impressed as well; their score was 7.5/10/80%. On Metacritic, the 2nd installment of the show has a valuation of 7.7/10 among the target audience. On IMDb, F Is for Family keeps quite a reliable indicator, 8.0/10 ~ 14,400 votes. Without a doubt, the heads of Netflix have been analyzing these statistics before made their decision on renewal. However, Bill Burr was the first who announced the exciting news on his Twitter page.

What Is F Is for Family About?

If you have not watched this animated web series on Netflix yet, please read a brief overview of this show below.

The story focuses on Frank Murphy, a querulous, short-tempered upper-lower class worker who lives in the Great Lakes suburbs with his wife Sue and their three children. Frank is of Irish origin and Korean war vet, whose duty is to serve as a baggage handler at the local Mohican Airlines. Frank is unpretentious as to his wishes. But, of course, he dreams of a color TV. However, when Frank's boss dies in a violent workplace accident, he climbs the career ladder. Frank's wife dresses without any frills and frequently quarrels with him without reason. But when Frank has lost his job, she managed to gain dubious success in the field of MLM business.

Frank, as a rule, communicates with his children by shouting. However, it's worth noting that they give rise to such attitude. Kevin is Frank's rebellious and lustful son, who regularly gets in troubles; Bill is Frank's younger son, which frequently becomes a subject of bullying; Maureen, Frank's daughter, whom he treats like a princess, but who instead could cause numerous troubles similar to other family members. Also worth noting Vic, who lives next door to Frank. Vic works as a DJ at the local radio station. He behaves like a wealthy womanizer. However, Vic usually ready to assist Frank with advice.

Season 3 Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix has officially confirmed the third installment of F Is for Family. However, there has been no official news about the exact date as of yet. Nonetheless, we could speculate a bit on the subject.

The guys from the FIFF writers' room have announced that they are planning to release Season 3 in November 2018. Though we can't treat this as the official premiere date, it's clear that the animation series would return for its third installment this fall.