Is There Going To Be A Season 3 Of Divorce On HBO?


Honestly, the first season of Divorce was not impressive regarding its television ratings. Nonetheless, HBO opted to pick up the comedy series for another installment. Well, the second round of Divorce gained more success during its premiere, when the viewing audience increased up to 14% compared to the series' debut. In fact, we'd dare to say the same about the reception of Season 2. It seems that Divorce met expectations of HBO. But whether or not the broadcaster is going to renew Divorce for Season 3? Does the show deserve one more installment? Let's attempt to figure out the matter.

Indeed, the statistics of the current season of Divorce look more promising. The second season's premiere has garnered 0.647 million viewers with a 0.22 key demo (P18-49). On the other hand, we've been witnessing a significant drop in the viewership during the airing of the fourth episode titled "Ohio" (229K viewers). We discover thereby that the dynamics of Divorce are quite volatile. Without a doubt, these data indicate that the show is now in danger zone.

However, let's take a look at the response by the target audience. These figures look optimistic, generally speaking. On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season of HBO's Divorce has a score of 6.7/10 and an 88% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have evaluated the 2nd installment of the show at 3.8/5/85%. In spite of this, the visitors of Metacritic have estimated the current season of Divorce at 4.8/10. In the meantime, the show's overall score on IMDb is still average, 6.7/10 > 4,000 votes. Thus, once, Divorce already managed to avoid cancelation on HBO. Who knows; maybe HBO will take these indicators into account.

Summing up, though Divorce was low in the ratings, the show, nevertheless, managed to attract more audience in its 2nd season's premiere. Besides, the response from critics and viewers was surprisingly positive even in comparison with those of Season 1. As a result, we tend to think that Divorce has a good chance for the next season on HBO, despite quite mixed and controversial statistics. We just need to wait for a while before the official announcement by HBO.

What Is The Show Divorce About?

If you have not yet been watching Divorce on HBO, please read a brief overview of the series below.

The story focuses on Frances Dufresne, a middle-aged married woman, and mother to her two children living in the suburbs of New York City. She is experiencing a crisis in a relationship with her husband, Robert. Ten years of marriage is a challenge for any woman. It seems that a love affair and likely further divorce are the only solutions to the situation. Besides, Frances' friend Diane has never had children and appears to be happy. In the meantime, Dallas has experienced divorce and now a widow. They both look successful and thereby ready to give advice.

However, Frances soon discovers that making a clean break and starting a new life is not so easy as it may have seemed. Both Frances and Robert will have to face the aftermath of their failing marriage. But it turns out that not only they found themselves involved in this painful process but also their children and friends. Would they manage to cope with troubles and find the proper solution?

About The Likely Release Date For Season 3 Of Divorce

As mentioned above, we don't rule out that HBO is about to renew Divorce for a third season. However, the network has yet to announce their plans for the future of the series. The bad signal is that HBO reduced the second installment by two episodes. Nonetheless, in the case of renewal, there are two likely periods for the upcoming premiere. We tend to believe that Divorce will return for Season 3 on HBO in October of 2018 or next January. But this is nothing other than our forecast. We are looking forward to the official report by HBO. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.