Is Showtime Going To Renew Billions For a Season 5?


On March 17, 2019, you have been witnessing the new season premiere of Billions. No doubt, some of you are wondering whether there will be a Season 5 of the series?

Billions Season 4 premiere has garnered 0.843 million viewers with a 0.18 key demo among adults (P18-49), preserving thereby most of the show's target audience. The debut has lost only about ten percent of the viewership (-9.16%). These figures are better versus those of Season 2, for instance.

At the same time, Billions Season 4 has become the most rated premiere ever, given the statistics presented by Rotten Tomatoes. Both critics and viewers have rated the current season at 100%, with a score of 8.19/10 and 4.9/5, respectively. On Metacritic, the results of the current season look favorable as well, 87/100 and 7.4/10, among critics/viewers, respectively.

On the other hand, TVLine has learned that there are some obstacles on the way to Billions Season 5. However, given such a favorable statistics, we'd rather believe that Showtime is about to pick up Billions for another round.

The season premiere showcased that Chuck and Bobby are not enemies any more. Each of them got in big troubles. Yet you know that nothing can make people closer than common misfortune. Both protagonists faced serious opponents that don't want to retreat.

Though in our opinion it's quite a controversial decision to turn Taylor into a key figure in the series, yet such tricky and quirky opponent may serve an insurmountable obstacle for Axe, given their cooperation with Russian oligarch.

Chuck, in the meantime, is apparently managed to find some clues to his new goals, even taking into account the fact that he is temporarily "out of business."

All these things are important since they lay the firm foundation to Billions Season 5. Two recent enemies are combining their power in an attempt to resist the new, more dangerous threat. We have witnessed such a union yet since Season 3.

As a result, the future of Billions looks cloudless, even despite the news, revealed by TVLine. Summing up, Billions will most likely return on Showtime for Season 5. We are tracking down the statistics of the current season. If the viewing figures remain at the same level, there is no doubt that Showtime will be forced to renew Billions for another round.

In our opinion, Billions Season 5 is only a matter of time. As soon as Showtime announces the renewal, as well as the exact date for Billions Season 5, we will update this page. Stay tuned for updates.

Billions Summary

The story mostly focuses on two key figures belonging to radically different camps. On the one hand, the show introduces Bobby Axelrod, an icon of success and example of a well-to-do person, who owns a hedge fund managing billions of dollars. Bobby managed to survive 9/11 and made his fortune thanks to this tragic event. He lives the life appropriate to any billionaire. Naturally, his passion is business. But sometimes, Bobby may take a case of beer, embark at his private jet, and fly with his friends to attend a Metallica concert.

Chuck Rhoades Jr., in turn, is a typical member of the US elite, who owes his place in the society to his father. Chuck serves as an attorney in New York. But, eventually, the road of life brings him to politics. Chuck put his eye on Axe since he doubts the legitimacy of his assets. As a result, Chuck starts a prosecution of Axe in an attempt to reveal his dirty affairs.

Their collision causes a battle of two masterminds each belonging to opposite side. However, given the world of high stakes, where both of them exist, each wrong step may turn into a deadly trap. Thus, the viewer must decide whose point of view is closer to him.