→ Showtime Opted To Pick Up Billions For Season 4

Showtime Opted To Pick Up Billions For Season 4

Billions on Showtime

Passions heat up when it comes to big money. The current season of Billions on Showtime promises to be the show’s best ever. You likely don’t know that the season debut has gained 23.24% more viewers in comparison with its predecessor and even more than the show’s premiere. During the premiere, we have been witnessing that neither Bobby nor Chuck doesn’t intend to give up. Each of them has own strategy to eliminate the one another. Who of these two should win? Perhaps we might have a chance to answer the question by the end of Season 3. But we frankly doubted that this could happen since we were confident that there must be another season of Billions on Showtime. Luckily, we were right. On April 26, 2018, Showtime announced that Billions had been renewed for a fourth season.

Why were we sure of renewal? Let’s take a closer look at some details.

The 3rd season of Billions is currently showing the impressive statistics and brilliant television ratings. The premiere has garnered almost a million viewers (0.928) with a 0.26 demo rating (+30.00% versus Season 2) among adults 18-49. In fact, these data were enough for Showtime to make a decision on renewal. It was clear that if the viewership doesn’t decrease below the mark of 700K viewers per episode, Showtime will order a fourth season of Billions. Fortunately, the subsequent episodes have drawn enough amount of viewers as we expected (0.839, 0.849, 0.722, and 0.874 million viewers, respectively).

Another key feature of the current season is the response from critics and viewers. They were fully satisfied how events were continuing to develop during the current season. On Rotten Tomatoes, the third installment of Billions holds a score of 7.08/10 and a 93% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the current round of the show at 4.2/5/87%. Metacritic has provided almost the same statistics, 77/10 and 7.4/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, Billions keeps a high score of 8.4/10 ~ 40,000 votes.

Summing up, we were inclined to believe that Billions won’t end after Season 3. There surely must be at least one installment. Of course, we couldn’t know for sure the plans of Showtime on the future of the show. But we were confident that the cable broadcaster would have to take the statistics presented above into account. So, the network’s affirmative decision was obvious and entirely predictable.

Billions Season 3 Premiere Brief Recap

The stakes are high since Bobby Axelrod could lose his entire fortune. His bank accounts are suspended because of the suspicion of fraud. The only way to remain in the game for Bobby is to stop working. In another word, he would have to give up his license to trade. Axe doesn’t want to lose control upon Axe Capital. But otherwise, he might say goodbye to his billions. The only solution for Bobby is to hand over the reins to Taylor, who is now a CIO of Axe Capital. Wendy played a key role in Axe’s decision. She was the one who convinced him to be distant from his hedge fund for a while.

Meanwhile, Chuck is elaborating another tricky plan to dethrone Axe from the peak. He had enlisted help to many influential personalities last season. Chuck has also put many of them at risk. But everyone is eager for money and power. As a result, many people ready to forgive Chuck’s mistakes, excepting his father, Charles.

It isn’t clear the behavior of the spouses of the protagonists in Season 3 since both Wendy and Lara were playing their own games. While Wendy convinced Axe to make the right decision, Lara was going to get a piece of her husband’s fortune. We don’t know now, whether Axe considered such step as a betrayal? In any case, Bobby was nervous before the annual summit of the most influential billionaires of the city. The first episode ends, thereby when Taylor attends this event instead of him.

Billions Summary

If you have not watched this drama series on Showtime yet, we suggest you read a synopsis below. Otherwise, scroll down to get acquainted with our thoughts on the likely release date for Season 4.

The story mostly focuses on two key figures belonging to radically different camps. On the one hand, the show introduces Bobby Axelrod, an icon of success and example of a well-to-do person, who owns a hedge fund managing billions of dollars. Bobby managed to survive 9/11 and made his fortune thanks to this tragic event. He lives the life appropriate to any billionaire. Naturally, his passion is business. But sometimes, Bobby may take a case of beer, embark at his private jet, and fly with his friends to attend a Metallica concert.

Chuck Rhoades Jr., in turn, is a typical member of the US elite, who owes his place in the society to his father. Chuck serves as an attorney in New York. But, eventually, the road of life brings him to politics. Chuck put his eye on Axe since he doubts the legitimacy of his assets. As a result, Chuck starts a prosecution of Axe in an attempt to reveal his dirty affairs.

Their collision causes a battle of two masterminds each belonging to opposite side. However, given the world of high stakes, where both of them exist, each wrong step may turn into a deadly trap. Thus, the viewer must decide whose point of view is closer to him.

On The Possible Release Date For Season 4 Of Billions

If you were reading our forecast carefully, you have realized that we didn’t rule out that Showtime was about to pick up Billions for Season 4. In fact, it was evident to us that the events would develop according to such scenario. Nonetheless, it’s entirely complicated to foresee the exact release date for a fourth season since all the three previous installments kicked off in a different period of time. Therefore, according to the schedule of the series, we should expect the next season in April 2019. Of course, this is nothing but our forecast. But bear in mind that the previous seasons have started in January, February, and March, respectively. In any case, we are looking forward to the further news from Showtime. We will update this page while getting any reliable data on the subject. For now, stay tuned for updates. We’ll keep you informed on the subject.