Animal Kingdom Season 4 Production Is Underway

Animal Kingdom

On March 20, 2019, TNT dropped a teaser that Animal Kingdom Season 4 is back in production. However, no release date has been announced so far. Yet if we take a look at the schedule of the three previous seasons of the drama series, it becomes clear that Animal Kingdom Season 4 release date is most likely slated for this summer, in May or June of 2019. Therefore, the waiting is almost over.

Animal Kingdom has already proven its place in the TNT programming slate. The recent, 3rd season of the show has received the universal acclaim among the viewers. On Metacritic, Animal Kingdom Season 3 holds a score of 7.4/10. At the same time, on Rotten Tomatoes, the season has been evaluated at 4.4/5 with a 90% approval rating.

The season premiere has garnered 1.3 million viewers, the figure which is a 8,97% higher that those of the previous season, with a 0.43 key demo rating among adults 18-49 (-2.27%). Therefore, nothing is surprising in that TNT opted to pick up the show for another round.

As mentioned above, the exact release date for the upcoming season is yet to be announced. So we are looking forward to the official report from TNT, in order to you be the first who know the exact date. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Animal Kingdom Summary

The story focuses on Joshua Cody, nicknamed "J," who has recently lost his mother because of a heroin overdose. Having no resources to provide himself, J was forced to enlist help to his grandma Janine, known as "Smurf." J was distanced from his grandma for years. However, the circumstances pushed him up to reunite with the rest members of his family. It turns out that J has four uncles, who live together with Smurf despite their adulthood. But J soon figured out why all of them have got together under one roof. In fact, Smurf and the guys are the members of a family gang, who provide themselves thanks to regular robberies.

Smurf is not a usual grandma, but instead the criminal mastermind and the self-proclaimed leader of the Cody Mob. J thereby found himself amid the whirlpool of events related to crime life of his family. J first tried to distance himself from the Cody family, but eventually, he has realized that he has no other chance than participating in the family business. Thanks to his wit and modesty, J managed to survive among his ruthless brothers. He has finally realized his role in the family and even found various opportunities for himself. However, it seems that he is the only smart Cody after Smurf, while his uncles are entirely reckless when alone. Nonetheless, J is one of the Cody and thus will have to follow the rules.