Akame ga Kill! We Believe That Season 2 Is Possible

Akame Ga Kill!

Undoubtedly, you are upset by the fact that the first season of Akame ga Kill! had an alternative ending which differs from the original manga. This point caused numerous doubts regarding the possibility of a next season, especially, given the fact that three years have passed since the conclusion of the first round. Since there have been no official reports on the subject, many fans believe that Akame ga Kill! will never return for Season 2. On the other hand, there remained numerous factors which point out that a second installment could happen. Let's attempt to evaluate the most important of them.

Despite the decision of the show's creators to go their own way, there nonetheless remained plenty of source material for another television adaptation. The original manga series consists of fifteen volumes + seven additional volumes of Akame ga Kill! Zero. At the same time, the first season of Akame ga Kill! contained only twenty-four episodes. According to the prevailing opinion, the show's creators must write the alternative storyline for Season 2 or restart the entire series as a remake. If so, they could adapt the rest volumes of manga for a second installment. Nevertheless, there are still lots of stuff to adapt. For instance, Akame ga Kill! Zero might serve a prequel to the story, doesn't matter that the ending of the original storyline of Akame ga Kill! has been changed.

Another significant factor which mostly affects the decision of renewal is the BD/DVD sales of the anime series. As for Akame ga Kill!, this indicator was average or even low, unfortunately. Just about 350 items were sold per week. On the other hand, Akame ga Kill! has become the most-watched series premiere in Toonami History, according to ANN. Indeed, the show's ratings were impressive. The anime series has a score of 7.81/10 based on about 418,500 votes on MAL. On Crunchyroll, the show's score was 4.3 out of 5 stars. On IMDb, Akame ga Kill! holds a rating of 8,0/10 ~ 8,150 votes.

Summing up, despite the single negative factor there are plenty in favor of the possible renewal. This anime has an impressive rating of the target audience; there is enough source material for a sophomore television adaptation; the series' sales were average but mostly satisfactory. Thus, we tend to believe that Akame ga Kill! could return for Season 2 someday. The only question remained is when? We'll speculate on the subject below.

Akame ga Kill! started off in July 2014 on Tokyo MX. Soon afterward, other Japanese broadcasters such as AT-X, BS11, and MBS began airing the anime. White Fox Co., Ltd. conjointly with C-Station Co., Ltd. served as a developer of the television adaptation. Sentai Filmworks acted as a licensor of the anime in North America. The first season of Akame ga Kill! consisting of twenty-four episodes came to an end on December 15, 2014. Since then, there has been no official news concerning renewal.

What Is Akame ga Kill! About?

The story focuses on Tatsumi, a rural boy who went on a journey to the capital in an attempt to earn some money and rescue thereby his village from poverty. However, soon he learns that violence, corruption, and lawlessness reign in the town. All this injustice is due to the prime minister Honest who use the naivety of the young Emperor. Therefore, Tatsumi decides to join an assassin group known as Night Raid, the only organization whose members fight with the prime minister and his followers. Thus, Tatsumi turns into a rebel whose mission is to dethrone Honest and restore justice in the Empire. The storyline thereby follows Tatsumi on his mission of becoming the experienced assassin with a cause.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date For Season 2

As mentioned above, the first season of Akame ga Kill! left us with an unexpected story arc which differs from the original manga. In spite of this, we don't rule out the possibility of renewal, since the first season of the anime adapted only the first eight volumes of the manga. As a result, there are many source materials for another television adaptation. The sad fact is that there has been no official news about Season 2 since 2014.

However, this year was rich for unexpected updates. We hope that some official reports about another installment of Akame ga Kill! will appear in 2019. But still, the last word will depend on White Fox Co., Ltd. Anyway; we are waiting for the official announcement. We will update this page as soon as we get some additional data about the release date. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.