The Curse of Oak Island: Will There Be A Season 7?

The Curse of Oak Island

It seems that brothers Rick and Marty Lagina don't want to give up. Each season, they become closer to the mystery. While many doubted that a next season of The Curse of Oak Island might happen someday, HISTORY has picked up the reality show for a sixth season, which kicked off this November. Of course, many fans are wondering, whether or not A+E Network is going to order one more season of the reality television series since the show's seasons are too short. However, it's worth noting that the fifth season consisted of eighteen episodes, unlike all its predecessors. So, maybe the sixth season could last even longer. Since there has been no official news about the renewal, let's try to estimate the odds of The Curse of Oak Island to return for a next installment.

The first and foremost indicator in favor of renewal is that the show is keeping impressive television ratings. The current fifth premiere has garnered 2.949 million viewers with a 0.78 P18-49 rating. This figure looks pretty high, given the audiences of the last season's premiere, which amounted to 2.62 million viewers. Moreover, this number is even higher in comparison with all the previous season premieres. Thus, the target audience is growing, which indicates the increase the popularity of the reality-TV series among the viewers. As for the sixth season, its debut has drawn 2.915 million viewers with a 0.66 key demo. The figures look just a bit lower compared Season 5. The the viewership of this reality television show appears to be steady.

Although the show's average score appears to be a bit low on IMDb (6,9/10 > 2,000 votes), the viewers still love The Curse of Oak Island. For example, 96% of the Google users voted that they like this television series. The viewers of Hulu rated the reality show at 4.5 out of 5 stars. Besides, HISTORY calls The Curse of Oak Island the network's #1 series in key demographics. Also worth noting that HISTORY covers over 96 million homes. Therefore, it's not so easy for any TV show to climb onto the 1st place in such a vast network.

Finally, we believe that The Curse of Oak Island is a long-term project due to its concept. Indeed, no one knows, is it, in fact, possible to discover the treasures on a distant island relying on various myths and legends? After all, the research might last eternally. Perhaps, one day, the guys manage to stumble upon the real treasures, while their efforts might conclude without a result. So we pray for their persistence and perseverance. Eventually, we want to see them rich upon returning from such a tedious expedition.

The Curse of Oak Island premiered in January 2014 on HISTORY. The show rapidly became popular among the target audience shortly after its debut. Prometheus Entertainment served as a developer of the reality show. Kevin Burns acts as the executive producer. The show was a success within five seasons. The current sixth season looks even more successful. There have been no official reports regarding Season 7 as of yet.

The Curse of Oak Island Brief Overview

Two brothers Marty and Rick Lagina are confident that Oak Island hides fabulous treasures. Numerous legends and myths surround this distant island. For centuries, the hordes of bounty hunters made their attempts to discover the untold wealth on this spot in the ocean. However, most of them died during the expedition. Since then, people call this place cursed.

Two enthusiasts found the idea brilliant to disclose the mystery of Oak Island. However, unlike other misfortune treasure hunters, they were pretty serious about this matter. The Lagina brothers use the modern equipment and technology to deal with many obstacles along the way. So, this time, their efforts might, in fact, turn not in vain. However, it seems that the island doesn't want to obey as the guys are trying to conquer Oak Island already within five seasons.

Season 5 Summary

It seems that the guys are close to a clue more than ever. Having a vast experience behind the shoulders, they are about to subdue Oak Island, using heavy machinery and top-notch technologies. The Lagina brothers have got close to the famed Money Pit, a 160-foot deep hole, which has been discovered by the legendary teenage boys in the late 18th century. Precisely this hole is believed to be the spot which contains the treasures everyone attempted to discover. This season, the guys stumble upon new artifacts, such as a Pirate's chest and a set of keys for three other chests. These new items add intrigue to the season since it becomes even more mysterious. Who knows, maybe these new clues will help reveal the mystery which remained unsolved for over two centuries.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date For Season 7

As mentioned above, we don't rule out the decision by A+E Networks to pick up The Curse of Oak Island for another round. However, we don't know for sure whether or not The Lagina brothers manage to find the treasures during the current season. Of course, we hope they will. However, otherwise, the show's producers likely renew The Curse of Oak Island for a next season due to the favorable statistics presented above. As for the possible release date, the last five seasons started off in November. Therefore, we believe that the seventh season of the reality show will premiere in November of 2019. Nonetheless, in any case, we are waiting for the official announcement. Be sure; we'll inform you on the subject as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates.