Vampire Knight: Another Decade of Waiting For Season 3?

Vampire Knight: Another Decade of Waiting For Season 3?

Our mind is exploding as we can't realize why most of the Japanese studios leave their commercially successful projects. Vampire Knight is just another good example of how the creators of the anime don't care about its fans. Each of us knows that there should be a third season. However, in spite of this, Studio Deen keeps silence on the subject for long nine years. Do we need to wait for another decade to watch the new season? Why the studio can't produce the long-expected third installment to satisfy the demand of the fans? How long might last the hiatus? Let's try to figure out.

We know that you are waiting for Vampire Knight: Destiny. Your petition has gained over 52,000 signatures. An impressive result, indeed. We also agree that Season 2 of the anime had an absurd ending. On the other hand, there are tons of the source material in the original manga. Given that fact, Studio Deen must use this opportunity to create another season. But what's going on in their minds? It seems that they have completely forgotten about the anime.

Both seasons of the anime were a success. The first one has received a score of 7.35/10 on MyAnimeList based on about 195,000 votes. The second one, titled Vampire Knight: Guilty, was even more successful, gaining a rating of 7.49/10 ~ 138,000 votes. Why don't to create the next season? A pause between two seasons was minor. Both installments premiered same year. However, we're waiting for a sequel within nine years. Does that mean that Studio Deen doesn't want to bring the series to a logical conclusion?

Apparently, they are too busy working on other projects and thus don't care of the current fandom of their past projects. Nonetheless, the sad fact is that there has been no official announcement of the third season of Vampire Knight, despite all the rumors. We suggest you visit the official website of the anime to be sure of this fact. Meanwhile, Vampire Knight: Memories is ongoing. In fact, the manga might serve an endless source for the upcoming story of Season 3.

The series debuted in 2008 on TV Tokyo. VIZ Media has licensed the anime in North America. Vampire Knight aired on VIZ's website, as well as on Netflix and Hulu. By the way, Netflix had a chance to pick up the series, similar to many other projects that went on hiatus. The second season premiered on October 6, 2008, and it came to an end in December of the same year. Both seasons consisted of thirteen episodes.

Do We Need To Keep Hoping?

Well, even Netflix doesn't care about this series. It is sad because Kiyoko Sayama repeated many times that he is ready to create Vampire Knight Season 3. Moreover, he claimed that he could make this season even better than two previous seasons, according to various sources. It seems that this project is closed. Studio Deen focuses their efforts on the production of other series.

Perhaps you know that Code Geass has finally obtained its third season. Truly, it's a good example how the situation with some forgotten project could turn back towards the fans. So, we think that you can still save hope to see Vampire Knight Season 3 someday. Besides, Vampire Knight: Memories is still ongoing. But this chance is rather ghostly.

In any case, we will do all the best to inform you regarding the possible renewal. We track down the official sources and don't believe the rumors. As soon as VIZ Media, Studio Deen or some other reliable source publish the official announcement, we will inform you on the subject. Stay tuned for updates.