The Spy: Is There Going To Be A Season 2?

The Spy: Is There Going To Be A Season 2?

Those of us who were intrigued to see Sacha Baron Cohen in such an unusual role are no doubt wondering whether there will be a Season 2 of the espionage thriller The Spy that premiered on Netflix in September. The series has received critical acclaim and has been very positively met by viewers. Nonetheless, initially, The Spy was conceived as a limited series, which can't have a continuation in its concept.

Netflix has yet to announce neither renewal nor cancelation of The Spy. But still, we, as well as others, tend to believe that The Spy Season 2 is due to happen. And below, we're ready to explain why we believe so. The first thing we want you to know is that we're talking about Netflix, the global broadcaster, which invests billions of dollars in order to make its subscribers happy. No doubt, those who stand behind Netflix are analyzing the common opinion and resonance, which the network's web series caused.

We think that few people doubt in that The Spy caused the public response. Let's just take a look at some data. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Spy Season 1 holds a score of 6.86/10 and a 84% approval rating from critics, while viewers have rated the spy thriller at 4.1/5 and have given a 80% rating. On Metacritic, the critics consensus was 67/100. On IMDb, The Spy keeps a high score of 7.7/10 based on over 3,600 votes.

Netflix doesn't share with us any data about the viewing audience of its web series. Yet even if we take a look at the figures which illustrate how many people have visited the show's official page on Wikipedia, it becomes clear that The Spy is incredibly popular among the viewers, and thereby stands in the one row with such Netflix's hits as Stranger Things or The OA.

But still, we cannot but take into account that The Spy is a six-episode miniseries, which is by the way is inspired by the real life events. Summing up, even despite that, we tend to believe that The Spy Season 2 is just a matter of time. Yet of course, the data above is only our forecast. We are tracking down all the official announcements, which arrive from Netflix on the subject.

The Spy Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, The Spy Season 2 is yet to be announced. However, given the data above, we don't rule out that Netflix could pick up the web series for another round someday. But when could be its release date? As a rule, it takes a year or a bit more to produce another six-part television season. Therefore, we are inclined to think that The Spy Season 2 might happen someday next fall, likely in September 2020, given the current schedule of the series.

So guys, we are looking forward to any official news from Netflix on the subject of renewal and specific release date for The Spy Season 2. As soon as Netflix reveals these data, we will update this page. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

The Spy Summary

The story focuses on Eli Cohen, who may be described as one of the most legendary and notorious spies (Mossad agent) in the world, who acted undercover in Damascus in the early sixties. His mission was spying for Israel. He was lucky to penetrate into Syrian highest echelons of power. The nowadays Middle East is known to us thanks to his efforts. Thanks to Cohen's close ties, connections, and actions, he managed to affect the course of Israel's history.