The Resident Season 4: Whether There Will Be Another Round?

The Resident Season 4: Whether There Will Be Another Round?

If you have seen the 3rd season's premiere of The Resident, you're no doubt wondering is there going to be a Season 4? The current premiere performed not so bad since it has only lost a bit over 18% of the target audience. FOX spokesmen have yet to make any announcement on the subject of renewal, however, it's clear to us that The Resident Season 4 is due to happen. And below we want to share with you our opinion on the subject.

The Resident is a kind of drama which is necessary for FOX since the network is mostly comedy oriented, and such circumstance is explaining the success of such dramas as Empire and 9-1-1 that broadcast on FOX. The Resident, besides, is a medical drama and, thereby, in our opinion, FOX is interested in that The Resident remained in the network's lineup. By the way, even despite that the medical drama dropped almost twice in the ratings versus the pilot episode, the figures are still acceptable for a third season.

The Resident Season 3 Premiere has garnered just a bit over four million viewers (4.05) with a 0.8/4 key demo/share (-23.64%) among adults (P18-49). Even despite that the two following episodes showcased the downward trend, S03E04 has drawn 2,21% more viewers compared to S03E03. And we thereby foresee the increase in the viewership in a second half of the season. feelings concerning the current installment of The Resident, given the data by Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. However, it's worth mentioning that the previous season of The Resident has received a score of 4.6/5 and a 100% approval rating from viewers.

Summing up, the statistics of The Resident Season 3 look favorable and we thereby don't see any reason for FOX to cancel the medical drama. Of course, the final decision depends on the network, yet we almost sure that The Resident Season 4 is just a matter of time. To be sure of this, we are tracking down all the official reports that arrive from FOX. And we will inform you once we have any certain data on the subject.

The Resident Season 4 Release Date

Even despite that The Resident Season 4 is yet to be announced, we don't rule out that FOX decides to pick up the medical drama for at least one more season. Given that, you are obviously wondering, when could the premiere take place, in such a case. As a devoted fan of The Resident you no doubt are aware of that the 1st round of the medical drama premiered in January, while the two following seasons have kicked off in September. We thus don't think that FOX is going to make significant movements in the network's lineup, and we thereby might expect The Resident Season 4 premiere next fall, in September 2020, given the current schedule of the medical drama.

But still, the data above is only our forecast. We are looking forward to any official news from FOX. As soon as FOX publishes the network's official decision on the future of the series as well as sets a specific release date for The Resident Season 4, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

The Resident Summary

The story focuses on Devon Pravesh, an ambitious doctor with an idealistic outlook on life. He starts to work under the wing of a brilliant and experienced Conrad Hawkins, a Senior Resident of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Hawkins is a ruthless and self-confident man; he disregards anyone's authority, doesn't follow the rules, while concepts of good and evil are nothing for him. The colleagues are afraid of Hawkins, but they respect him for his extraordinary approach to solving medical problems. Working side by side with Conrad, Devon soon realizes what really happens in hospitals across the country.

The medical drama premiered on January 21, 2018, on FOX. The series is created by Amy Holden Jones, who also serves as executive producer.