Unfortunately, We Won't See The OA Season 3 on Netflix

Unfortunately, We Won't See The OA Season 3 on Netflix

We know that you're concerned about The OA Season 3, and we were sure that The OA Season 3 is just a matter of time. Unfortunately, we were mistaken since Netflix opted to cancel the web series after two brilliant seasons. The respective announcement has been published on the official Instagram page of Brit Marling.

Are you frustrated? We are yes! To be honest, we can't figure out how those who stand behind Netflix made such a decision. If one may argue that The OA Season 1 was doubtful, no one would dispute that The OA Season 2 was brilliant. We finally found all the clues to the 1st season, which looked a bit awkward. No doubt, you know that The OA fans even signed a petition to rescue the web series. However, we don't think that their voice reached the Netflix heads. Looks like that the decision about the cancelation of The OA is final and irrevocable.

On March 23, 2019, we wrote this article hoping that The OA Season 3 happens someday. A sad fact, but we were mistaken on the subject. The OA will never return one more season. To date, we regard such decision of Netflix as mysterious as the web series was. Sadly, but we we update this article with such sad news. But we still want that you read it to the end at least because we published a row of questions which still remained unanswered.

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Among all underestimated series on TV, The OA is the one you have to see. In our opinion, The OA Season 3 is just a matter of time since the 2nd season of the series was outstanding. Even if during a Season 1 finale you have been experiencing quite doubtful feelings, The OA Season 2 has made all the things clear.

When The OA Season 1 kicked off, many compared this show with another web series on Netflix, Stranger Things, and treated the show as its minor parody. Yet now, after The OA Season 2 has concluded, we doubt there is at least the one who might consider both web series as similar.

Unlike Stranger Things, The OA has no monsters as well as governmental conspiracy. This show, on the contrary, is about somewhat each of us experienced some day. Have you ever experienced the so-called "deja vu" effect. Are your dreams sometimes similar to reality?

The OA depicts the bold step of the show's author Brit Marling to explore the questions that anyone fear to ask. What is happening after your death? Is there another dimension? Is it real to travel throughout the multi-universe?

The OA Season 2

When you have been witnessing The OA Season 1 finale, most likely you were the one who believed that all the stuff you have seen is nothing but the ill imagination of Prairie Johnson. Yet you still wanted to believe that she wasn't a liar.

Unlike its elder brother Stranger Things, The OA has not attracted due attention during its first season. However, three years since, after The OA Season 2 has been released, we doubt that there is at least someone who don't believe in the show's success.

In addition, it's worth noting that the 2nd installment of The OA (Part II) has surpassed Season 1 in the ratings. According to Rotten Tomatoes, The OA Season 2 has received the universal acclaim, with a score of 6/10 and a 92% approval rating among critics, as well as a rating of 4.8/5 and a 96% approval rating among the viewers, respectively. On Metacritic, the show depicts the comparable results, 70/100 and 8.8/10, among critics/viewers, respectively.

Why Do We Believe That The OA Will Return For Season 3

The OA S2E1 As mentioned above, we are confident that Netflix is about to pick up The OA for Season 2. Below, we want to talk about the reasons why do we believe so. The OA S2E2 There are only TOP 10 questions presented above. Meanwhile, a thousand of them remained unsolved. As you may see, there are too many clues in The OA Season 2 finale.

Finally, The OA was a "black horse" in 2016. Today, the web series turned into one of the most discussed and controversial shows among both critics and viewers.

If Netflix decided to release the series after a three-year-long hiatus, looks like the global streamer wanted to see how the audience might respond. It turned out that the response was excellent, therefore, we are confident that The OA will be returning for a Season 3 on Netflix. We only need to wait for the official announcement.

The OA Summary

The OA Season 1

If you have yet to watch The OA on Netflix, we suggest you read a brief overview below. No doubt, you will become a fan of the web series.

This show focuses on a shocked story of Prairie Johnson, a missing young woman who suddenly reappears in her hometown. The curious detail is that she can see, unlike it was seven years ago when she vanished. Prior, she was completely blind. Prairie can't explain her miraculous healing. Generally speaking, she is reluctant to contact her adoptive parents, as well as the officials. However, Prairie is apparently about to reveal her story to a group of high school students and their unfortunate teacher. She also tries to assist an FBI Psychologist Elias Rahim, who don't pressure on her.

The group meets in an abandoned house where Prairie starts to reveal her dark story. Now Prairie calls herself "The OA." However, in fact, her name is Nina Azarov, and she is of Russian origin. Prairie's biological father was an oligarch who dealt with the mafia. One day, the mobsters attacked the school bus, which fell into a river as a result. Nina presumable died and had a near-death experience. A mysterious woman named Khatun allowed her to return to life. However, she took her eyes in turn. To protect Nina against the mafia and provider her proper care, her father sent her to a boarding school for blind children in the United States. However, he soon died. As a result, Nina moved to her aunt, who owned the illegal adopted service. That's how she met her adoptive parents, Nancy and Abel.

But the most horrifying story followed later. Prairie dreamt of meeting her father. That's why she ran away from home on her 21st birthday. However, Prairie wasn't able to find him in the right place. Instead, she encounters a stranger named "Hap," who promises Prairie to introduce her to other people who experienced NDEs. Hap took Prairie to his house on a private plane. However, instead of meeting friends, Prairie has found herself trapped with other lab rats inside a glass cage.

It turns out that Hap is, in fact, is an obsessed scientist who wants to learn what people experience after their death. He assembled a group of lab rats consisting of Homer, Scott, and Rachel, to accomplish his crazy experiments upon them. Over time, Prairie managed to escape the glass prison. But now she desires to release her friends. That's why she needs this group of students to assist her.

The OA Season 3 Release Date

The OA Season 3 No doubt, you are looking forward to The OA Season 3. Yet the more vital question is when will it come out. We doubt you are ready to wait for another three years. However, frankly, the waiting won't be in vain, for sure.

No one is aware of why the gap between the two seasons of The OA was so long. Yet we suspect that Netflix didn't believe in the show's success. The OA Season 1 can't boast with impressive reception. However, in our opinion, Brit Marling managed to prove her genius in Season 2. As a result, this time, we tend to think that Netflix will have to hurry up with the release if the broadcaster doesn't want to lose the interest of the target audience.

An army of fans has grown up sufficiently, when The OA Season 2 has been released. Therefore, soon each of them will demand The OA Season 3, no doubt. We don't think that the web series is about to go into another long-term hiatus. Netflix's leadership is most likely already managed to estimate the success of the new hit.

We believe that The OA Season 3 premiere is scheduled for next December, like the first season kicked off. In the worst case scenario, The OA Season 3 release date may be slated for January 2021. In any case, all we can do is just cross our fingers and wait for the official announcement from Netflix. We're tracking down the official sources, and will inform you as soon as Netflix publishes some official data on the subject. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.