The OA Finally Gets Season 2 Release Date

The OA

In our opinion, this show remained without due attention, while it touches the most vital question ever, what would happen to you after death? The OA, nonetheless, stands away from other Netflix shows due to such extraordinary concept. Many considered the show's finale completed, presuming Prairie insane. However, the rest of viewers have been looking forward to the next installment, in an attempt to figure out how this incredible story might continue. Fortunately, Netflix was ready for this response from the target audience. Therefore, just two months after the show's premiere, the global streamer announced the second season of this gripping mystery drama web series. Finally, after over two years of tedious waiting, Netflix dropped the official 3-minute trailer of The OA Season 2, according to which the supernatural thriller will be returning on March 22, 2019, globally, on Netflix.

What Do We Expect In The OA Part II?

The official title of The OA Season 2 is "The OA Part II." According to a 3-minute teaser, the upcoming season of the show depicts Prairie wandering through another dimension, where her life is totally different, and where she is trapped by Hap once again. Season 2 introduces Karim Washington, who portrays a private detective, whose mission is to track down a missing teen, Michelle Vu. His mission crosses with Prairie since they both are trying to find out the truth about Michelle and Nob Hill that relates to vanishing of some teens. In the meantime, in our dimension, BBA, Angie and the boys went on a journey to rediscover the truth, hidden behind Prairie's story and the shocking events she revealed.

The OA Ratings

Some people regard The OA as a "younger brother" of Stranger Things. Indeed, both shows have several intertwines. Nonetheless, despite all the similarities, The OA belongs to entirely another kind of shows. That is why this web series has its particular target audience. In general, the viewers found The OA exciting. An overall score of the web series on IMDb is 7.8/10 > 48,500 votes. On Metacritic, the mystery drama has received principally favorable reviews, 61/100 (critics), 6.8/10 (viewers). On Rotten Tomatoes, The OA has a rating of 7.55/10|76% among critics, while the viewers have rated the show at 3.8/5|74% (~ 1,500 votes).

In general, almost all negative reviews related to the characters. However, we must admit that this is a doubtful matter since Netflix is trying to push through new faces in return for famous stars. On the other hand, as for the storyline, almost all the critics and viewers confessed that it was sensational. In fact, the primary purpose each TV network must follow is to amaze the viewer. It seems that the management behind Netflix is aware of how to cope with this task.

What Is The OA About?

If you still had no chance to get acquainted with this unique web series, here is a brief overview below.

This show focuses on a shocked story of Prairie Johnson, a missing young woman who suddenly reappears in her hometown. The curious detail is that she can see, unlike it was seven years ago when she vanished. Prior, she was completely blind. Prairie can't explain her miraculous healing. Generally speaking, she is reluctant to contact her adoptive parents, as well as the officials. However, Prairie is apparently about to reveal her story to a group of high school students and their unfortunate teacher. She also tries to assist an FBI Psychologist Elias Rahim, who don't pressure on her.

The group meets in an abandoned house where Prairie starts to reveal her dark story. Now Prairie calls herself "The OA." However, in fact, her name is Nina Azarov, and she is of Russian origin. Prairie's biological father was an oligarch who dealt with the mafia. One day, the mobsters attacked the school bus, which fell into a river as a result. Nina presumable died and had a near-death experience. A mysterious woman named Khatun allowed her to return to life. However, she took her eyes in turn. To protect Nina against the mafia and provider her proper care, her father sent her to a boarding school for blind children in the United States. However, he soon died. As a result, Nina moved to her aunt, who owned the illegal adopted service. That's how she met her adoptive parents, Nancy and Abel.

But the most horrifying story followed later. Prairie dreamt of meeting her father. That's why she ran away from home on her 21st birthday. However, Prairie wasn't able to find him in the right place. Instead, she encounters a stranger named "Hap," who promises Prairie to introduce her to other people who experienced NDEs. Hap took Prairie to his house on a private plane. However, instead of meeting friends, Prairie has found herself trapped with other lab rats inside a glass cage.

It turns out that Hap is, in fact, is an obsessed scientist who wants to learn what people experience after their death. He assembled a group of lab rats consisting of Homer, Scott, and Rachel, to accomplish his crazy experiments upon them. Over time, Prairie managed to escape the glass prison. But now she desires to release her friends. That's why she needs this group of students to assist her.