Last Man on Earth Is Canceled By FOX And Won't Return For Season 5

Last Man on Earth Is Canceled By FOX And Won't Return For Season 5

The fourth season is a difficult period for any series on TV. This moment is the exact time when a network is deciding whether they are going to continue ordering a new season or it's time to cancel the show. If you are a fan of the post-apocalyptic sitcom The Last Man on Earth, you're wondering, whether there will be a Season 5 of the series? A sad fact, but FOX opted not to renew the comedy series for another round. The Last Man on Earth is being canceled. Unfortunately, we were wrong in our forecast.

Though the ratings of the sitcom were not impressive, The Last Man on Earth would likely manage to survive the next round. There are numerous reasons why do we believe in renewal. Let's take a look at our forecast on the subject.

First, the current season has surpassed its predecessor during its debut. The fourth season premiere has garnered 2.281 million viewers (+2,40% versus Season 3) with a 0.88 demo rating (-6%) among adults 18-49. It's a good sign, without a doubt. It's noteworthy that the tenth episode of the season titled "Paint Misbehavin" has drawn 3.348 million viewers. This figure looks solid; it indicates, besides, the uptrend. What might these figures tell us?

These statistics showcased the involvement of the target audience in the show. The viewers thereby are intrigued, what will happen next? So, the show's creators are moving in the right direction concerning the engagement of the viewers. However, also worth noting that the figures of the current season are volatile to some extent. Thus, for instance, the thirteen episode titled "Release the Hounds" has gained only 1.369 million viewers with a 0.60 key demo (P18-49). Nonetheless, if the viewership doesn't decrease below 1.2 million viewers per episode, FOX will order at least one more season of The Last Man on Earth, in our opinion.

Now we want to pay your attention to the response from critics and viewers. This indicator looks entirely acceptable. The 4th season of The Last Man on Earth has received the universal acclaim. On Rotten Tomatoes, the current installment holds a score of 7.0/10 and a 100% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have evaluated the fourth round of the sitcom at 4/5/80%. On Metacritic, the show has also received favorable reviews, with a rating of 6.8/10 from the target audience. An overall score of The Last Man on Earth on IMDb also remains quite high, 7.4/10 ~ 44,000 votes.

The Last Man on Earth Summary

If you didn't have a chance to watch this post-apocalyptic comedy series on FOX, yet we would suggest you read a brief synopsis of The Last Man on Earth below. Otherwise, you might scroll down to get acquainted with our prediction on the subject of the likely release date for the next season.

The story focuses on Phil Miller, a bank clerk who is seemingly the one who managed to survive the apocalypse, which struck our planet in 2022. However, Phil travels across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, in an attempt to discover at least one lucky guy (but, in fact, he prefers to find a woman). Phil was lucky to encounter another female survivor, named Carol. She isn't a princess, generally speaking. However, it's chance to restore the Earth population.

To have regular sex, Phil was forced to marry Carol. But soon, both discover that they're not alone on Earth. There are more groups of survivors. In Season 2, the guys have relocated to Malibu, California, while in the next season, they were forced to move to San Jose. Finally, in Season 4, Phil and the rest escaped to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, to protect themselves against any nuclear meltdowns that might cover the territory of the U.S.