The Good Doctor Is Returning For Season 3 on ABC

The Good Doctor Is Returning For Season 3 on ABC

The Good Doctor is coming back for Season 3, according to the official announcement, which has been published by ABC on the show's official Twitter page on February 5, 2019. Needless to say that The Good Doctor has become a hit back in 2017, during its debut season premiere. However, it's worth noting that in its 2nd installment the medical drama has lost over a third of its target audience (-34.49%). No particular release date for the upcoming round has been announced so far.

If we omit critical consensus, The Good Doctor Season 2 has received mainly favorable reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the 2nd chapter of the medical drama holds a score of 4.4/5 and a 86% approval rating, while on Metacritic, the current season of the show keeps a rating of 7.7/10. Also worth noting that an overall score of The Good Doctor on IMDbis still high, 8.3/10 based on over 45,000 votes.

As mentioned above, the viewing audience of the show has decreased in its sophomore installment. The Good Doctor Season 2 has drawn 7.348 million viewers with a 1.29 key demographic indicator among adults (P18-49). Nonetheless, in the season finale, the viewership has jumped up to 7.779 million viewers. Even despite that the viewing figures look weak compared to the pilot episode of the show, The Good Doctor is still among the ABC's TOP performers. That's why the network opted to pick up the medical drama for a Season 3.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Release Date

As we have mentioned above, The Good Doctor Season 3 release date is yet to be officially revealed by ABC. However, if we take a look at the show's schedule, it becomes clear that the upcoming premiere is most likely slated for this fall, to take place in September 2019. Of course, we could be mistaken, yet both previous seasons have kicked off in the same period.

As a result, we are looking forward to any additional news on the subject of The Good Doctor Season 3 from ABC, including a specific release date for a next season, as well as the official synopsis. As soon as the national broadcaster unveils the exact date, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

The Good Doctor Summary

The story focuses on Shaun Murphy, a young aspiring surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. Having survived a troubled childhood in his hometown Casper, Wyoming, Murphy heads to San Jose, California, with the firm intention to work at the prestigious surgery unit in San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. His mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman supports Murphy's purpose.

It's worth mentioning that because of his syndrome, Shaun isn't able to communicate with the outer world. However, his extraordinary medical skills allow Murphy to save lives. His medical intuition looks doubtful. Nonetheless, such natural gift gives him a chance to cool down the skepticism of his colleagues.