ABC Picks Up The Goldbergs For Season 7

ABC Picks Up The Goldbergs For Season 7

Just a few hours ago, ABC published a tweet, according to which The Goldbergs will return for Season 7. In addition, the alphabet network has confirmed that a spin-off series Schooled had been renewed for a sophomore season. No specific release dates have been announced for both sitcoms. However, if you are a devoted fan of both series, it's clear for you that the return is slated for this fall and winter, respectively.

Few TV shows might boast with such steady television ratings as The Goldbergs. The current season has lost only about seventeen percent (-16.90%) of its target audience during the debut. The season premiere has garnered 5.150 million viewers with a 1.39 demographic rating (-23.67%) among adults (P18-49).

Nonetheless, also worth mentioning that the viewership raised up to 5.644 million viewers per episode (S6E14), during the season. Such indicator as the TV ratings is one of the most influential among those that capable of affecting the decision on renewal. That's why The Goldbergs are still remaining in the ABC lineup.

The Goldbergs have always been among the fan favorite television shows that was another reason for ABC to pick up the sitcom for more and more seasons. The current round of The Goldbergs was not an exception. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Goldbergs Season 6 holds a score of 4.5/5 and a 86% approval rating from the viewers, while on Metacritic, they have rated the current installment of the show at 10 out of 10.

The Goldbergs Season 7 Release Date

We don't think that ABC is about to make any changes in its programming slate. Therefore, given the current schedule of the sitcom, The Goldbergs Season 7 is likely set to premiere in September 2019. At least, all the previous seasons were released in the same period. So, we are expecting the upcoming premiere this fall.

Nonetheless, we don't rule out that ABC could have another vision of the network's lineup for 2019. Therefore, we are looking forward to any official announcements from the network. As soon as ABC reveals any additional data about the upcoming seventh season of The Goldbergs, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

The Goldbergs Summary

This period sitcom draws inspiration from the epoch of 1980's. The show's protagonist, Adam, feels himself a young director, who chronicles the not boring life of his family on video camera. The Goldbergs is a Jewish family living in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, consisting of Beverly, Murray, and their three children, as well as a grandpa, named Solomon.

Beverly is an overprotective mother, while Murray frequently got mad, that's why he can't raise his children without screaming; Adam's elder brother, Barry, experiences a middle-child syndrome, being an excessively self-confident teenager; Erica is a talented musician with a rebellious temper, who used to dominate upon her brothers.

Finally, Solomon is the wit of the family. He doesn't look old enough. On the contrary, he feels youth in the heart, but always ready to assist with the adult advice.