The Crossing Is Being Canceled And Won't Return For Season 2

The Crossing Is Being Canceled And Won't Return For Season 2

ABC's brand new sci-fi series The Crossing, which premiered in April has a unique time-travel concept. However, it seems that critics opinion on the subject was ambivalent. The viewers, in turn, have mainly appreciated the idea of the new show. If you're a fan, you likely wonder, whether there will be a second season of The Crossing on ABC?

Frankly, we doubted concerning the future of the series, but, nonetheless, believed in renewal. Unfortunately, we were wrong in our forecast.

The Pilot has garnered 5.397 million viewers with a 0.90 demo rating among adults 18-49. This figure looks acceptable and is close to the results of another freshman on ABC, Deception. Of course, if The Crossing had such ratings as The Good Doctor, we would have stated that there must be a Season 2. But since the statistics are average, the matter is still questionable.

Let's now look up at the response from critics and viewers. As mentioned above, The Crossing has received mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show's score is 6.1/10 and a 67% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the premiere of The Crossing at 4.2/5/83%. The review aggregator website Metacritic reported an average score of 59/100 and 6.1/10 among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, The Crossing holds a rating of 7.6/10 > 1,000 votes.

Summing up, we conclude that The Crossing still has a chance for another round on ABC despite the controversial reception and average ratings. The sci-fi series fits well in the ABC lineup. We, therefore, doubt that the network is about to cancel the show. The Crossing would likely return for Season 2 on ABC. However, its destiny will mostly depend on the future statistics. If the show's ratings didn't drop below the mark of 3.5 million viewers per episode, ABC would likely renew The Crossing for another season.

The Crossing Summary

If you have not watched this sci-fi series on ABC yet, it would be useful to get acquainted with a brief overview of The Crossing below. Otherwise, scroll down to find out our thoughts concerning the likely release date for a next season.

The story takes place in a small American fishing town. A group of people was found near the coastline. They came from nowhere since there is no shipwreck in that area. Sheriff Jude Ellis was first who discovered a girl ashore. But she didn't want to talk to him. Besides, he was dismissed from the case since the investigation has moved under control of the FBI and other structures. Soon, some people started to talk. But their version of the events was unbelievable.

These people claim that they came from the future, where the world is torn-apart because of an endless war. But the more curious is that they are Americans. Besides, they all are the residents of the same town who have just accomplished a time-travel jump. But more dangerous is that among them there are people with superhuman abilities who intend to take control over our present world. By the end of the pilot episode, it turns out that some of these invaders are were living among the Americans for years.