Will There Be A Season 3 Of The Art of More?

Will There Be A Season 3 Of The Art of More?

Sony Crackle is a US-based branch of SPE which provides exclusive and free video content to their subscribers. The Art of More is one of the network's top drama series. The second season of the drama concluded back in November 2016. Since then, there have been no reports of renewal. Of course, most of the fans are concerned about whether there will be a Season 3 of The Art of More on Crackle? In fact, this web series never could boast of the impressive ratings. Though we still believe that there might be another installment of The Art of More, the odds seem doubtful.

First, the show's creator Chuck Rose has inked a two-year overall deal with Universal Television to work for a new television project for the studio. As a result, it's questionable whether Chuck will have enough time to work on The Art of More Season 3. Secondly, as we have mentioned above, the drama series has received mixed reviews from critics and viewers. Let's take a look at some data. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Art of More holds a score of 6.16/10 and only 26% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the web series at 3.7/5/57%. On Metacritic, we oversee the ambivalent opinion of the target audience, 55/100 and 4.4/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. Finally, the show's score on IMDb looks average, 6.0/10 > 600 votes.

Summing up, the decision on the next season of The Art of More seems questionable. The showrunner is currently working on another project; the statistics of both seasons were weak; last year, we didn't see the third installment of the show in November. Therefore, we evaluate a chance of The Art of More for the third season as very low or even foggy. Nonetheless, we don't rule out the renewal at all.

The Art of More Summary

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The story focuses on Graham Connor (Christian Cooke), an Iraq veteran who has joined an elite society thanks to a smuggling ring which he managed to take out of the country. Now Connor coordinates various deals between smugglers, con artists, and powerful clients capable of paying an immense amount of money for art objects thanks to his ties in Iraq. Cary Elwes serves as Connor's mentor, Arthur Davenport. Dennis Quaid portrays Samuel Brukner, an eccentric real estate mogul who is ruthless and corrupt when it comes to money.

On The Possible Release Date For Season 3

As we have mentioned above, we doubt that The Art of More has a chance for Season 3 on Sony Crackle due to various reasons. But the renewal is still possible. So, in the case of positive resolution, The Art of More might return for the next round in November 2018, given the current schedule of the web series. As a result, we are looking forward to the official announcement of Crackle. We thereby will update this article when the broadcaster announces any reliable data on the subject. For now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.