Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai): Will There Be A Season 2?

Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai): Will There Be A Season 2?

If you one of those who found Tejina-senpai exciting, you're likely concerned about the possibility of a Season 2. The anime debuted in June and gained mainly favorable reviews. There has been no official announcement of Magical Sempai Season 2 so far. To be honest, we estimate the odds of Tejina-senpai to be renewed for another season as quite low. And below, we would like to explain you why we think so.

No doubt you know that Tejina-senpai is based on the manga of the same name written by Azu. The manga consists of only five volumes. The last one was issued on November 6, 2018. Since then, no additional volumes have been published. It seems that the manga author left his work on Magical Sempai. Before, Azu was releasing two volumes per year. However, in 2018, the author published only one book. We don't claim thereby that the manga is canceled, yet looks like it's suspended at least.

It's unclear so far how many volumes were used by the Liden Films studio in order to create the television adaptation. However, it seems that the 1st season covers all the chapters of the original manga. But if it is not, and Magical Sempai Season 1 covers only two or even four volumes, we have a chance for another television season.

As for the reception from viewers, Tejina-senpai holds a score of 6.49/10 based on over 8,300 votes, according to the data published on MyAnimeList. Despite that such a score is above average, we regard Magical Sempai as a mediocre anime.

Finally, Tejina-senpai Season 1 consists of twelve fifteen-minute episodes. Given such a format, we doubt that Magical Sempai has a cloudless future. It seems that Tejina-senpai is nothing else than a single-cour television adaptation of the original manga. Nonetheless, we could be mistaken. That's why we are tracking down all the official Japanese sources on the subject of Tejina-senpai Season 2. Once we have some additional data, we will update this page.

Tejina-senpai Season 2 Release Date

As we have mentioned above, we doubt that Tejina-senpai Season 2 is going to happen, yet we don't rule out the renewal completely. In the best case scenario, if the Liden Films studio managed to include only two volumes of the original manga series in the television adaptation, we might expect Tejina-senpai Season 2 already next summer, in July 2020, given the current schedule of the series. In the worst, it could take at least half a year or more for Azu to write one or more books for another television round of the series.

But still, the data above are nothing but our forecast. Tejina-senpai Season 2 is yet to be announced. As soon as the Liden Films studio confirms Magical Sempai Season 2 or even announces a specific release date for a sophomore round of the anime, we will update this section. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Tejina-senpai Summary

The story centers on an unnamed high school student, who has no intention to attend any school club. Yet the teachers don't want to retreat, and the protagonist gives up. During the reluctant search of an appropriate club, he stumbles upon a cute high school girl, who practices magic tricks in her clubroom. Her name is Sempai, and she is a rookie magician. However, the fear which Sempai experiences in front of public serves a barrier on the way to the stage. The guy decides to join the club, and soon becomes Sempai's personal assistant.

Tejina-senpai debuted on July 2, 2019, on Tokyo MX. Soon after, MBS, and BS-NTV started broadcasting of the anime. Tejina-senpai is based on the eponymous manga series written by Azu. The Liden Films studio served as a developer of a 12-episode television adaptation of the original manga. Crunchyroll has licensed the series in North America. To date, there has been no official announcement of Tejina-senpai Season 2.