NBC Decided To Cancel Taken And The Show Won't Return For Season 3

NBC Decided To Cancel Taken And The Show Won't Return For Season 3

The viewing audience of NBC's crime drama Taken dropped almost twice by the end of its first season. The national broadcaster nonetheless has opted to renew the show for a next round. The decision can't be explained even by the response from critics and viewers since it was mixed. But Taken somehow managed to survive. Of course, those viewers who adore this series are trying to guess whether there be a third season of Taken on NBC? Unfortunately, the network opted to cancel Taken after just two seasons.

Indeed, in Season 2 of Taken, the viewership dropped even more, up to 2.7 times in comparison with the pilot episode of the show. The second season's premiere has garnered 2.790 million viewers (-62.56%) with a 0.51 key demo (-68.7%) among adults (18-49). Generally speaking, these figures look bad. However, also worth noting that the viewing audience has stabilized in the subsequent episodes. So, for instance, the third episode of Season 2 has drawn 3.141 million viewers.

But the reception for the 2nd installment was a bit better. On Rotten Tomatoes, Taken Season 2 holds a score of 3.9/5 and a 70% approval rating among the viewers. This figure is a bit more favorable compared to those of Season 1. The show's score on IMDb also looks average, 6.6/10 ~ 6,000 votes. We don't consider such statistics brilliant.

Summing up, the situation regarding the future of Taken looks doubtful. On the one hand, all indications are that this show won't return for another round on NBC. On the other, Taken was a success globally, so it still has a chance for a third season. Unfortunately, NBC decided not in favor of renewal.

What Is The Show Taken About?

If you have not yet watched this television prequel to the eponymous feature film, please read a brief overview of Taken below.

Inspired by the movie of the same name with Liam Neeson starring, this show focuses on Bryan Mills, a former Green Beret who has faced with personal tragedy. Currently, being a CIA operative, Bryan deals with dangerous rescue missions. To cope with his tasks, Mills is forced to apply his unique set of skills. Under control of his assistant Christina Hart, Bryan embarks on a mission, armed with his particular experience, modern gadgets, and fearless determination. It doesn't matter which kind of task Mills is going to solve; he stops at nothing to punish those who guilty.