Supernatural Season 14 Release Date Is Confirmed


There are no endless shows on TV. Over time, each television series comes to its logical conclusion. Supernatural is broadcast during thirteen successful seasons. Recently, a rumor appeared in various media outlets that The CW is going to cancel the show after its fourteenth season. But there is no official confirmation of the fact. On March 20, 2018, during the PaleyFest 2018, the event which held in the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Robert Singer hinted that the announcement of Supernatural Season 14 will appear soon. Also, it was revealed that the current season of the series concludes May 3.Fortunately, on April 2, 2018, The CW gave early renewal of its ten primetime TV shows. As a result, Supernatural will return for a next season on The CW in the 2018-2019 broadcast season.

We, frankly, didn't believe the rumors and, therefore, we were confident that The CW is about to pick up Supernatural for another round. Read our forecast on the subject below. This information is essential since it showcases the way how we do our estimates. Unlike many shows on TV, Supernatural looked firm because of its television ratings. The current season premiere has lost about 2.3% of its viewing audience. The first episode of the thirteenth season has garnered 2.10 million viewers with a 0.72 key demo (P18-49). In fact, this figure is better versus the same of Season 11, for instance.

Thus, we haven't seen any reason to cancel the show with such steady ratings. Moreover, as a rule, the viewership decreases twice by the end of Season 1 in the case of a vast majority of television series. But, as for Supernatural, the audience dropped two times just from the beginning of Season 13. Therefore, we've concluded that the television ratings of Supernatural can't negatively affect the decision on renewal.

Another essential factor for The CW was the reception by critics and viewers. If you look up at the numbers, the thirteenth season has received the universal acclaim. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Supernatural Season 13 has a score of 7.87/10/100% among critics and 4.6/5/90% among the viewers, respectively. On IMDb, the current season of the show has a rating of 7.6/10 among the viewers. So, we doubted that The CW is going to cancel the show looking at such impressive response from the target audience.

Finally, we did not rule out that The CW is preparing a spin-off to Supernatural, called Wayward Sisters. In that case, the network could wrap the show after its fourteenth season. But still, Supernatural looked very strong from any point of view. Thus, we doubted that The CW was about to cancel this show.

Summing up, Supernatural possessed the incredible potential for renewal despite numerous rumors. The series had excellent television ratings, an outstanding reception from critics and viewers, tremendous fandom, as well as a lot of stories to tell. We believed thereby that The CW would decide to keep the show in their lineup.

What Is Supernatural About?

If you did not have a chance to get acquainted with this dark fantasy series, we suggest you read a brief overview of Supernatural below. Otherwise, you may scroll down to learn our opinion regarding the possible release date for the fourteenth season.

The story centers on the misadventures of two brothers who travel across the country, seeking for supernatural beings to destroy them, following their father's footsteps. Many years ago, the guys lost their mother to a weird and devilish supernatural force. As a result, their father raised them to be demon hunters. Since their adulthood, their mission is to destroy all the evil spirits along the way. The show thereby follows the Winchester brothers as they travel the back roads America in search of monsters, demons, supernatural creatures, etc.

Season 14 Release Date

As mentioned above, The CW has renewed Supernatural for another season. On June 22, 2018, The CW set the exact release date for another installment of Supernatural, which is scheduled on Thursday, October 11, 2018 on The CW.