Supergirl Season 6: Whether There Will Be Another Season?

Supergirl Season 6: Whether There Will Be Another Season?

As you know, Supergirl possesses hard destiny, and thereby the future of the superhero series has always been questionable. The fifth installment of the show, which premiered in October has showcased mixed statistics. However, in spite of this, most of us are wondering whether there will be Supergirl Season 6 on The CW? The current season's premiere has lost over 17% of the viewing audience. But still, we tend to believe that The CW is going to pick up Supergirl for at least one more television round, and below we are ready to prove such an opinion.

First, let's take a look at the bad signals. The viewership of Supergirl is decreasing rapidly. When Supergirl first premiered on The CW, the superhero series lost about a third of its viewing audience. And today, we must admit that the viewership of Supergirl Season 5 is three times less versus Season 2. Supergirl Season 5 premiere has garnered 1.263 million viewers with a 0.4/2 key demo (-17.78%) /share among adults (P18-49). Meanwhile, the following episodes have drawn less than a million viewers per episode (0.970 and 0.922, respectively). Thus, the odds are low, given the statistics described above.

Nonetheless, let's now take a look at the response from critics and viewers. And this first thing that we want to emphasize is that Supergirl Season 5 has received the critical acclaim, with a score of 7.82/10 and a 93% approval rating, according to Rotten Tomatoes. A sad fact, but the critical response is the only trump card, which plays in favor of renewal.

Well, one might notice that Supergirl Season 5 has received quite a controversial reception from viewers. Most of them blamed the 5th installment of Supergirl for the propaganda and political commitment. But this is where we see a chance for Supergirl to be renewed for another season since some lobbyists are interested in that Supergirl continued to broadcast on The CW. Well, it may look like the conspiracy theory, but otherwise the superhero series couldn't have a chance to survive.

Summing up, even despite that the future of Supergirl looks doubtful for us, The CW most likely will be forced to pick up the series for at least one more round. Finally, Supergirl supplements the superhero row on The CW, especially, given that Arrow is now broadcasting its last season on the cable network. We thereby are looking forward to any official news from The CW, and once the network reveals the exact data on the subject, we will update this page.

Supergirl Season 6 Release Date

As we have motioned above, we don't rule out that The CW decided to renew Supergirl for a Season 6, even despite the low ratings. But when might be the next season premiere in such a case? Even during its broadcast on CBS, Supergirl was broadcast starting in October, and all the subsequent premieres have taken place the same month. We therefore tend to believe that The CW isn't going to change anything in the network's programming slate, and thereby we might expect Supergirl Season 6 premiere in October 2020, given the current schedule of the superhero series.

But still, we want you to take into account that the data above is nothing but our forecast. And we thereby are tracking down all the news which arrives from The CW on the subject of Supergirl Season 6. As soon as the cable network sets a specific release date for the next season of Supergirl, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Supergirl Summary

The story focuses on Kara Zor-El, another survivor from Krypton who now lives among humans on Earth. Her parents sent Kara towards our planet when she was thirteen. But her spacecraft passed through the Phantom Zone, where the time passed by slowly. During this time, her cousin Kal-El turned into Superman. Now Kara is a 24-year-old young woman, living together with her adoptive parents on Earth. She has been hiding her superhuman abilities for a while. But one day, Kara was forced to reveal who she is. Over time, she has become National City's protector, known as Supergirl.