Speechless Is Officially Coming Back For Season 3 on ABC

Speechless Is Officially Coming Back For Season 3 on ABC

This sitcom has lost about 32% of its viewing audience during the second season's premiere. However, Speechless remains on the list of TOP 5 series on ABC among the target audience. The first season of Speechless has received critical acclaim. Meantime, the current installment is continuing to gather the enthusiastic reviews from the viewers. But ABC keeps silence on the subject of the possible next season of Speechless. Will this show be canceled or it has a chance to return for Season 3 on ABC? Luckily, on May 12, the national broadcaster confirmed that Speechlesshad been renewed for another round.

We were sure in such a decision by ABC. Below is our forecast.

Indeed, the show's ratings remain steady. Despite the significant drop in the viewing audience, Speechless showcases the firm trend. The first episode of Season 2 has garnered over five million viewers with a 1.44 key demo (P18-49). All the subsequent episodes showcased not less than 4.15 million viewers. In fact, these figures present a firm basis for a next installment.

As mentioned above, the response from critics and viewers was strong. Ben Travers from Indiewire has noted that "Speechless isn't just another sweet family comedy. It's a very, very funny one, too," and rated the show at 91/100, according to Metacritic. As for the reception by the viewers, it was excellent. On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season of Speechless has a score of 4.6/5 with a 100% approval rating among the viewers. On IMDb, Speechless has a score of 7.7/10 ~ 4,500 votes.

Without a doubt, ABC will have to take these figures into account before their decision on the future of the show.

Summing up, it turns out that all the basic indicators play in favor of the renewal of Speechless for another round. The sitcom managed to keep its target audience. Moreover, the viewers were under the impression of the second season of Speechless. As a result, we have every reason to believe that ABC is about to pick up this show for a third season.

What Is Speechless About?

If you have not yet seen this sitcom on ABC, please, read a brief overview below.

The story focuses on the DiMeo family, where everyone is peculiar. This term mostly relates to JJ, the only speechless family member due to his cerebral palsy. Because of this condition, JJ is under the perpetual care of his mother, Maya, who desires to assist her special son in his everyday life. As a result, the family moves from one spot to another seeking for proper conditions applicable to them.

Jimmy, the family patriarch, does not seem to care what others think; Dylan, a daughter, adores sports, but her behavior looks no-nonsense; Ray is a savvy teenager, who is the most erudite among the DiMeo. As for JJ, despite his social awkwardness, he possesses a sense of humor. However, JJ is forced to express his feelings using headgear with a laser pointer. Despite all the adversities, the family somehow manages to cope with the troubles and remain a close-knit team.

Concerning The Likely Release Date For Season 3

We assume that the next season of Speechless will premiere in September of 2018. At least, one may have decided so by looking at the current schedule of the series. So, we are waiting for the official news from ABC. We will update this article when ABC announces some additional data on the subject. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.