Senryuu Shoujo (Senryu Girl): Will There Be A Season 2?

Senryuu Shoujo (Senryu Girl): Will There Be A Season 2?

Senryuu Shoujo premiered in April, and if you were excited with this slice of life anime, you're no doubt looking forward to Season 2. Unfortunately, the Connect studio has yet to announce any news about the renewal, however, in spite of this, we are inclined to believe that Senryu Girl Season 2 is due to happen. As a rule, a bunch of factors could affect the decision of renewal, while in case of Senryuu Shoujo, each of them looks favorable.

As you know, Senryuu Shoujo Season 1 consists of only twelve episodes. In addition, you should know that Senryuu Shoujo is based on the manga series of the same name, which contains eight volumes to date, while the latest one was issued on March 15, 2019. In such a case, even if Senryu Girl Season 1 covers all the seven volumes of the original Japanese manga series, at least one new volume will be available for another television adaptation soon.

We frankly doubt that the Connect studio managed to adapt all the volumes of the manga in a 12-episode single-cour season. As a result, we have enough or at least a piece of source material for Senryuu Shoujo Season 2.

Next, let's gaze at the response from the target audience. On MyAnimeList, Senryuu Shoujo Season 1 holds a score of 7.31/10 based on approx. 8,000 votes. Not so bad for a freshman, isn't it? The reception from the viewers seems to be above average and even closer to the top-rated series.

Of course, the decision on renewal will mostly depend on the BD/DVD sales of the franchise. We can't evaluate such an important indicator right now since Senryu Girl Season 1 is currently broadcast. Yet all the rest factors play in favor of renewal.

Summing up, Senryuu Shoujo has a good chance to be renewed for Season 2 since we have source material and high demand of the target audience. As soon as Senryuu Shoujo Season 1 concluded, we would have more data for expanding our forecast. So guys, stay tuned for updates. But still, please bear in mind that, in our opinion, Senryuu Shoujo Season 2 is just a matter of time.

Senryuu Shoujo Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, we tend to believe that Senryuu Shoujo will be coming back for Season 2. However, no official announcement on the subject has been made so far. Nonetheless, in case of renewal, looks like Senryuu Shoujo Season 2 premiere would be scheduled on April 2020. Such an optimistic scenario could happen if Senryu Girl Season 1 is yet to cover the entire manga available to date.

In such a case, the Connect studio would have enough source data for another television adaptation, and thereby the production on Season 2 might last about a year. Yet in the worst case scenario, we will have to wait until 2021 since Masakuni Igarashi, the manga author, is required at least one year to write more source material.

Anyway, all the data above is nothing but our forecast. We are looking forward to the official news. That's why we are tracking down the official sources, in order to inform you about the latest news. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed. We will update this page, as soon as any official news emerges.

Senryuu Shoujo Summary

The storyline revolves around Yukishiro Nanako, cute, cheerful high school girl, whose feature is that she doesn't like to communicate with people directly. Instead, she uses senryuu (a type of haiku) poems to express her feelings. Alongside with Busujima Eiji, ex-delinquent, Yukishiro established the school's Literature Club. Even despite Yukishiro avoids verbal communication, together with her friends, she enjoys the school life.

Senryuu Shoujo kicked off on April 6, 2019 on MBS. Soon, TBS, and BS-TBS also started broadcasting the series. The anime is based on a Japanese manga of the same name. The Connect studio served as a developer of the anime adaptation. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the anime worldwide, excluding Asia.