Rokka no Yuusha: Will There Be A Season 2?

Rokka no Yuusha: Will There Be A Season 2?

In fact, we weren't able to find at least one anime created by the Passione studio, which received a sophomore season or at least a full season consisting of 24 episodes. Nonetheless, it seems that Rokka no Yuusha was their absolute hit.

The fans were so excited that they demand another installment. But Passione held on for over two years without any official news about the renewal. Some fans rightfully noted that many anime serves as just a promo for the original series of light novels.

Honestly, in the case of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, the situation looks like this. But is there a chance that this anime will finally get its second installment?

Even if it was initially conceived as a promo for the eponymous light novel series, why don't continue to promote it further? We gathered some facts that may allow us to get closer to a clue to this situation.

It's curious that the first season of Rokka no Yuusha covers just one volume of the original light novel series. As a result, it's evident that there is enough source material for at least five more seasons.

Besides, the series is currently ongoing. However, also worth noting that the sixth volume was issued in 2015. Thus, the light novel series looks rather suspended than ongoing.

Further, concerning the BD/DVD sales. Many people claim that they were awful. We don't agree with this statement. We found that about 400-450 items were sold per week. Though we can't consider this figure excellent and even average, some anime projects got the renewal, having almost the same amount.

Yet we should admit, nonetheless, that this indicator was low. After all, precisely this figure eventually affects the decision on renewal, because it relates to money. Any show must be commercially successful, first of all. Otherwise, such show frequently goes on a long-term hiatus.

Summing up, the odds are low, but they still exist. Rokka no Yuusha may obtain its second season someday. But there is no exact information when it might happen, unfortunately. However, there remained five volumes of the light novel series for adaptation.

So, we cross our fingers hoping that the Passione will use this chance to make one more attempt. After all, this second attempt might make them rich due to the high demand for Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers overseas.

Yeah, we forgot to note that this anime was successful primarily abroad. In Japan, in turn, the fantasy genre is not too popular.

Rokka no Yuusha premiered in July 2015 on MBS. Later on, AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, and other Japanese broadcasters began airing the anime. Passione Co., Ltd. served as a creator of the television adaptation.

Pony Canyon Inc. acted as a licensor of the series in North America. The first season of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers consisted of twelve episodes came to an end on September 19, 2015. Since then, there has been no official news regarding Season 2.

What Is Rokka no Yuusha About?

For these otakus who had no chance to get acquainted with this fantasy series, here is a synopsis below.

The story focuses on six protagonists known as the Braves of the Six Flowers. According to one legend, the Goddess of Fate summoned them to restore the order in the world which is in danger due to the Demon God. She endows them with the power which was split into six unique abilities.

Adlet Maye, the show's title character arrives at the continent of Piena in an attempt to turn into a Brave. Fortunately, he receives a chance of becoming one of the six heroes. However, it turns out that there are seven Braves instead of six.

As a result, each becomes suspect others as one of them is an impostor. So, the heroes start to gather into coalitions against each other. But someone always strives to make Adlet be the principal suspect. Thus, he must prove his innocence and clear his name before could be killed.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date For Season 2

As mentioned above, we admit the possibility that Rokka no Yuusha will return for Season 2. But what about its release date? We hope that the premiere will happen in summer of 2019 due to the schedule of the first season.

However, over two years have passed since its conclusion. So, the studio may have shifted the release date for another period. We hope that the Passione studio will use this chance, though it seems to be foggy. Nonetheless, we are waiting for the official announcement. Stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.