Riverdale Season 4 Release Date Is Revealed by The CW


Riverdale is coming back for Season 4 on The CW. The release date is slated for Wednesday, October 9, 2019, at 8:00-9:00pm. By the way, The CW's freshman Nancy Drew debuts the same day, at 9:00-10:00pm. The CW has picked up Riverdale for another round back in January 2019.

Noteworthy that the teen drama caused a buzz yet during its first season on The CW. The 2nd season of the series has surpassed all the expectations. And even despite the fact that the figures of the third installment of the show were not impressive enough, The CW opted to pick up Riverdale for Season 4.

The current season premiere has drawn over one and half a million viewers (1.504 million with a 0.53 key demo [p18-49]), the figure, which is 36% less versus the previous season debut. Nonetheless, such a serious drop in the viewing audience didn't serve a reason for The CW to cancel the show. On the contrary, Riverdale got into the upcoming lineup of The CW, and most likely would return this fall.

It's worth mentioning nevertheless that the reception for the current instalment of Riverdale was average but mostly positive. Season 3 thereby has been rated by critics at 7.5/10 with a 86% approval rating, according to Rotten Tomatoes. At the same time, the viewers have evaluated the current round of Riverdale at 3.4/5 with a 61% approval rating. On Metacritic, the figures were a bit lower, 5.9/10, among the viewers.

Summing up, despite the huge drop in the viewership and average, but favourable reviews, The CW opted to renew Riverdale for Season 4. As mentioned above, the exact release date for a next round is yet to be announced. However, it's evident that the fourth season premiere is scheduled for the fall of 2019. We'll publish the exact date once The CW reveals these data. Stay tuned for updates.

Riverdale Summary

The story takes place in a seemingly calm and peaceful town of Riverdale. This summer a shocking case disturbed the placidity of townsfolk. A quarterback Jason Blossom vanished in the vicinity of the local lake. Jason was a twin brother of Cheryl, as well as the local blue-eyed boy. The searches ended up without a result. Therefore, Jason has been presumed dead. Jason's parents were forced to bury the empty coffin, while his sister faithlessly used the tragedy to attract the attention of her classmates.

The storyline focuses on Archie Andrews, who knows some details of this mysterious case. However, he doesn't hurry up to share the information with the police officers or anyone else. Archie's passion is music, as well as his music teacher. But they were forced to break up their clandestine relationship. Now, Archie's new interest is Betty Cooper, a charming girl-next-door, who keeps her feelings to him in secret. Aside from Betty, Archie feels attraction to Veronica Lodge, who moved to Riverdale due to her father's business scandal. Despite a love triangle, Betty befriends with Veronica.

Meanwhile, Jughead Jones, Archie's former friend works on a novel about the events of the summer, including the incident with Jason Blossom. That's why he carefully watches for everyone and listen to the talks. He guesses that someone in the school keeps dangerous secrets, including Cheryl Blossom. At the same time, Riverdale is not indeed so calm and peaceful as it may seem. As a confirmation, another shocking event takes place in the town.