Riverdale Season 5: Whether There Will Be Another Installment?

Riverdale Season 5: Whether There Will Be Another Installment?

Riverdale showcased its peak in ratings during the 2nd installment, yet the 3rd round experienced a huge drop. The current, 4th season of Riverdale has lost more than 24% of the viewing audience during its premiere. And no doubt you are wondering, whether there will be a Season 5 of the mystery teen drama? No words have been said on the subject so far, but we have every reason to believe that Riverdale Season 5 is due to happen. And below we are going to reveal how strong the odds of the teen drama to obtain another television round on The CW.

To be honest, it's clear that there must be another season of Riverdale since most of fans have written many positive reviews about the current installment of the show. On Rotten Tomatoes, Riverdale Season 5 has received the universal acclaim, with a score of 8.57/10 and 89% approval rating from critics. At the same time, viewers have rated the 5th season at 4.3 out of 5 and have given a 82% rating. Not so bad, isn't it? Thus, given such data it would be wrong to assume that the show is to be canceled.

Riverdale Season 4 premiere has garnered 1.140 million viewers with a 0.4/2 key demo/share (-20.75%) among adults (P18-49). Of course, the viewing figures don't seem to be strong versus those of Season 2, but a downward trend is evident for any television show in its fourth installment. The more alarming factor is that the viewership has dropped even more in a sophomore episode, which has drawn only 0.798 million viewers (-30.00% versus S4E1). But still, the ratings don't look so bad compared to the 2nd part of the third season.

Summing up, even despite the huge drop in the television ratings, viewers still adore Riverdale, given the reception described above. And we thus have every reason to believe that Riverdale Season 5 is just a matter of time. The CW has yet to announce their decision on the future of the dark teen drama. And we are looking forward to that decision. That's why we are tracking down all the official news that arrives from The CW on the subject of Riverdale Season 5. Once the cable network reveals any data about it, we will update this page.

Riverdale Season 5 Release Date

As you have seen, we don't rule out the possibility of renewal. On the contrary, we are quite sure that The CW is going to pick up Riverdale for at least one more round. But the question is when might we expect the premiere. No doubt, those of you who have seen each season's premiere are aware of that every round kicks off in October. And we thereby don't think that The CW is about to change something at the network's programming slate. Therefore, we might expect Riverdale Season 5 next fall, in October 2020, given the current schedule of the teen drama.

However, it's worth mentioning that all the data above is nothing but our forecast, given only that it's based on the statistics. And we thus are looking forward any official news from The CW. As soon as the cable network sets a specific release date for Riverdale Season 5, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Riverdale Summary

The story takes place in a seemingly calm and peaceful town of Riverdale. This summer a shocking case disturbed the placidity of townsfolk. A quarterback Jason Blossom vanished in the vicinity of the local lake. Jason was a twin brother of Cheryl, as well as the local blue-eyed boy. The searches ended up without a result. Therefore, Jason has been presumed dead. Jason's parents were forced to bury the empty coffin, while his sister faithlessly used the tragedy to attract the attention of her classmates.

The storyline focuses on Archie Andrews, who knows some details of this mysterious case. However, he doesn't hurry up to share the information with the police officers or anyone else. Archie's passion is music, as well as his music teacher. But they were forced to break up their clandestine relationship. Now, Archie's new interest is Betty Cooper, a charming girl-next-door, who keeps her feelings to him in secret. Aside from Betty, Archie feels attraction to Veronica Lodge, who moved to Riverdale due to her father's business scandal. Despite a love triangle, Betty befriends with Veronica.

Meanwhile, Jughead Jones, Archie's former friend works on a novel about the events of the summer, including the incident with Jason Blossom. That's why he carefully watches for everyone and listen to the talks. He guesses that someone in the school keeps dangerous secrets, including Cheryl Blossom. At the same time, Riverdale is not indeed so calm and peaceful as it may seem. As a confirmation, another shocking event takes place in the town.