Will We See Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 2 on Amazon Prime?

Will We See Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 2 on Amazon Prime?

Since Channel 4 sold Black Mirror to Netflix in 2015, the British network has been searching for some similar series, to fill the gap in their lineup. As a result, Channel 4 managed to find another promising television product. We are talking now about the sci-fi thriller titled Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, which premiered on last September on Channel 4 and this winter on Amazon Prime Video. Insofar as AMAZON releases the show's episodes all at once, many fans are concerned about the possibility of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams to return for Season 2. Given the fact that there has been no official news on the subject so far, let's try to use the statistical approach in an attempt to figure out whether or not Channel 4 or AMAZON is going to renew the show for another round.

Generally speaking, the first subject we should care about is there enough source material for a next season of the series? In fact, Dick left a legacy consisting of 44 novels and 141 short stories. As a result, there are too many stories to adapt into television series, which might be lasting for a lot of seasons. Thus, we don't think that the show's creators might ever feel a lack of source materials.

Another reason to renew the show is that Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams managed to attract enough viewers during its first season. The show's premiere has garnered about 1.5 million viewers in the UK. The subsequent episodes showcased the impressive figures as well. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't provide any data relating the viewing audience of its show. This information could expand our forecast.

One more key feature which able to affect the decision on renewal is the reception by critics and viewers. It seems that in the case of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, this indicator was more than favorable. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of the show has a score of 6.19/10 and a 71% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have rated the sci-fi series at 3.9/5/74%. On Metacritic, we oversee a bit different picture, 68/100 and 5.8/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. Thus, in general, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams has received mostly favorable reviews from both critics and viewers.

Finally, it's worth noting that Isa Dick Hackett, the author's daughter, is in the list of executive producers of the show. We tend to believe that she is interested in increasing of interest in her father's works. Summing up, we think that Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams has a good chance for a next season since the show possesses all the attributes of success. Without a doubt, the final decision will depend on both Channel 4 and Amazon Prime Video. However, it's evident for us that the series will return for Season 2. We just need to wait a while for the confirmation of our forecast.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Summary

If you have not yet seen this ten-part sci-fi thriller on Amazon Prime Video, here is a brief overview below.

This social-sci-fi project stands aside other shows on TV. This is an ambitious attempt by the show's creators to reveal the issues raised in the novels and short stories, written by the distinguished author. Lifting the veil into the fictional worlds, the author meditates on the subject of humanism, social inequality, and other issues that bothered the humankind for centuries. Each episode of the show is devoted to a particular novel by Philip K. Dick. The show's creators elaborated in details all the elements of the series, putting the right accents. As a result, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams is sooner a stand-alone series than the television adaptation.

About The Likely Release Date For Season 2

As mentioned above, we have every reason to believe that Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams has strong odds of returning for Season 2. Meanwhile, both Channel 4 and AMAZON are currently keeping silence on the subject. However, in the case of renewal, we doubt that the production studios would manage to finish filming the next season of the show earlier than this fall. Given the time for promotion, we expect that Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams will be coming back for a sophomore season in the period between September 2018 and January 2019.

Please, bear in mind that all the data presented above are just our forecast on the subject of renewal and possible release date for a next installment. Of course, we are waiting for the official announcement by Amazon Prime Video or Channel 4. We're going to update this page as soon as getting the official confirmation. As of now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed on the subject.