Netflix Opted To Pick Up Ozark For Season 3

Netflix Opted To Pick Up Ozark For Season 3

In October 2017, Netflix officially confirmed that their tense crime drama Ozark had been renewed for Season 3. According to the official announcement the premiere is slated for 2019. Nonetheless, the exact release date for the next season is yet to be revealed.

Looks like the current season of Ozark was even more successful compared to the show's first season. According to the statistics by Rotten Tomatoes, the 2nd installment of the crime thriller has a score of 6.54/10 and a 72% approval rating among critics, while the viewers have evaluated the season at 4.4/5 providing a 90% approval rating. Meanwhile, on Metacritic, the show's sophomore round has received mostly mixed reviews from critics (59/100). At the same time, the viewers have left mainly positive reviews and rated the current season at 8.1/10.

Ozark Summary

The story follows a troubled financial advisor Marty Byrde, who was unlucky to manipulate with the money that belonged to one of the most famous drug cartels. A drug lord has killed all Byrde's partners. However, Byrde was so tricky that he made an offer to his dirty client.

That was not the only Marty's trouble. It turned out that his wife has cheated on him. Despite all the complicated circumstances, Marty Byrde decided to unite his family and restart his life from zero by moving in the Missouri Ozarks together with his wife Wendy, and their two children, Charlotte and Jonah.

Marty's idea was to find the new opportunities in the new place for his clients and for himself. However, the locals turned not so naive. Being the summer resort, the Ozarks hide its dark reality in midseason. This place is full of con artists, gangsters, dirty politicians, and drug dealers as well.

Marty was trying to improve the business within some period, but he faced a hostile reception from the locals. Meanwhile, the drug cartel for which he is washing the money pressed down him with the deadline. In both first and second season Marty managed to dodge. How strong will be his odds next season, we'll see.

Season 3 Release Date

Given the fact that both Season 1 & 2 were launched in summer, we have every reason to believe that Ozark Season 3 will premiere in summer of 2019. But we are looking forward to the official confirmation of the exact release date from Netflix. As soon as Netflix reveals these data, we will update this page. Stay tuned for updates.