NOS4A2: Is There Going To Be A Season 2?

NOS4A2: Is There Going To Be A Season 2?

If you have watched the premiere of AMC's freshman, NOS4A2, you likely wonder, whether there will be a Season 2 of this supernatural horror series. AMC is currently keeping silence regarding the future of the show, yet we believe that NOS4A2 Season 2 is due to happen, relying on the statistics that the debut season of the series has illustrated. Indeed, both critics and viewers remained chiefly satisfied after watching the series premiere.

NOS4A2 Season 1 premiere has garnered over a million viewers (1,108) with a 0.29 key demographic rating (adults 18-49). We consider these viewing figures strong enough since they are comparable, for instance, with another AMC's series Preacher (compared to Season 2), and the latter still remains in the network's lineup. On the other hand, it's worth mentioning that NOS4A2 is not among the network's top performers. But still, about a million viewers per episode is more than enough in order to fit the AMC programming slate.

As for the reception, it was mostly positive, given the data provided by various media aggregators. So, for instance, on Rotten Tomatoes, NOS4A2 Season 1 holds a score of 6.68/10 and a 68% approval rating from critics, while viewers have rated the debut season of the horror series at 4/5 and have given a 74% approval rating. On Metacritic, the statistics were worse, yet still acceptable, 47/100 and 6.2/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. At the same time, on IMDb, NOS4A2 keeps a high rating of 6.9/10 based on over 2,000 votes, which is above average.

Summing up, NOS4A2 would likely remain on the AMC schedule next season, and the network, thereby is about to renew the horror series for a sophomore round. But still, we will have to wait for the official announcement from AMC, in order to define, whether our forecast has been right or wrong. So guys, stay tuned.

NOS4A2 Season 2 Release Date

As we have mentioned above, there has been no official announcement of NOS4A2 Season 2, yet we don't rule out the possibility of renewal, given all the statistics presented above. Thus, in the best case scenario, we tend to believe that it could take at least a year to produce another season of the supernatural series NOS4A2, and the next chapter thereby might premiere next summer, in June 2020, given the current schedule of the horror series.

On the other hand, the events could develop even faster since apparently NOS4A2 Season 1 consists of only ten episodes. In such a case, we might see NOS4A2 Season 2 much earlier, for instance, already this fall.

But please bear in mind that the data above are only our forecast. In any case, we are looking forward to the official data from AMC. As soon as the network announces the renewal, and reveals a specific release date for NOS4A2 Season 2, we will update this page. Stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

NOS4A2 Summary

The story centers on Victoria "Vic" McQueen, a young woman who possesses a supernatural ability to track down the apparently immortal Charlie Manx, who feeds off the souls of children, and keeps them into Christmasland.

Christmasland is a place where Christmas lasts forever, and evil dominates over law. Vic's mission, thereby is to struggle against Manx and save his victims. Yet she should keep her mind clear and not to become the victim by herself.