Rise Won't Be Back For Season 2 on NBC

Rise Won't Be Back For Season 2 on NBC

NBC's new teen drama Rise kicked off in March and had rapidly become a fan favorite. Though critics were not impressed enough with this ten-episode musical show, Rise has received mostly favorable reviews from the viewers. You are probably interested in whether Rise will return for a next season on NBC?

Unfortunately, we were wrong in our forecast since NBC opted not to renew Rise for another round.

First, it's worth noting that any network analyzes the television ratings of its shows. As a result, this indicator serves as a primary reason to renew or cancel it. If we take a look at the figures of the show Rise, it becomes evident that the show's Pilot has drawn enough viewers. The series premiere has garnered 5.501 million viewers with a 1.20 among adults (P18-49). In fact, this is quite a reliable indicator for such a kind of show. If the show's ratings don't drop below the mark of four million viewers per episode, without a doubt, NBC will decide to renew Rise for a 2nd installment.

Let's now pay our attention to the response from critics and viewers. As mentioned above, critics have left mixed reviews on the subject of Rise. But the viewers, in turn, were most impressed by watching the teen drama. So, for instance, on Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of Rise holds a score of 6.04/10 and a 58% approval rating, while the viewers have evaluated the show at 85%. On Metacritic, the first installment of the teen drama has a score of 60/100 and 6.6/10, among critics/viewers, respectively.

Summing up, we'd dare to assume that NBC is about to pick up Rise for Season 2. The target audience is pretty satisfied with Season 1; the ratings look high enough; despite the mixed reviews from critics, many of them found the show quite exciting. Our verdict, thereby is that Rise will return for Season 2 on NBC soon.

What's The Show Rise About?

If you have not watched this teen drama on NBC yet, please read a brief overview of Rise below.

The story focuses on a group of high school students, living in a working-class community. Their new school offbeat teacher, Lou Mazzuchelli is about to inspire the students to express their feelings in his theater program. Being a family man and devoted teacher, Mazzuchelli encourages the young men to develop their creativity and examine new horizons of self-expression. However, despite the fact that the students explore their talents and ambitions, not everyone in the town is happy because of this. Frustrated by challenges caused by change, furious faculty and skeptical parents are eager to destroy Mazzuchelli's efforts. But in spite of this, no one can deny that the life in the town has changed forever.