Mahoutsukai no Yome Looks Promising. Will There Be A Season 2?

The Ancient Magus' Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride kicked off on October 7, 2017. However, you most likely have already had a chance to get acquainted with a three-part OVA subtitled Those Awaiting a Star. We consider this franchise quite promising given the fact that the original fantasy manga series has received a nomination for Manga Taisho awards in 2015. Let's try to speculate on the subject of the possible Season 2 of the series since there are many chances that it would be a long-term franchise.

As long as the world of anime lives entirely different life, we rarely evidence the updates of our favorite series, unlike the usual TV dramas that we used to watch. Therefore, it's significant to notice a successful project at the launch stage. Apparently, Mahoutsukai no Yome is exactly such a kind of franchises. It was a bold step to start an OVA until the official premiere of the anime series. It usually goes another way. So the series creators decided to introduce us to a prequel prior to show us the primary storyline. It seems that they know how to keep the audience in suspense. Thus, they probably know how to move forward.

On the other hand, it's worth mentioning that the original manga contains just seven volumes consisting of thirty-three chapters. This fact evidences that the producers might face a lack of the source material. Therefore, we assume that they will track a response from the target audience before the decision to pick up the series for one more season. However, this indicator seems pretty high, taking into account the data by MyAnimeList, 8.56/10 > 14,500 votes. According to these statistics, the viewers have appreciated the series. So, The Ancient Magus' Bride has a good chance for a sophomore season. Since there have been no certain words on the subject, we prefer to wait for the official announcement. We'll keep you informed on the subject.

The theatrical release of an OVA took place in August 2017. Wit Studio serves as a developer of the television adaptation. Crunchyroll acts as a licensor of the series in North America. The anime premiered this October on Tokyo-MX, BTS, AT-X, and other Japanese television networks. Season 1 of The Ancient Magus' Bride consists of twenty-four episodes. You may watch the prequel, as well as the entire season on Crunchyroll.

What Is Mahoutsukai no Yome About?

The story focuses on Chise Hatori, a fifteen-year-old protagonist of the anime. She had a difficult childhood due to her supernatural abilities. Chise's mother couldn't come to terms with such a weird nature of her daughter. As a result, she has committed suicide. Her brother and father abandoned her alone when Chise was a young girl. All people that surrounded Hatori considered her a witch or at least bizarre. However, one day, a powerful and ancient magus named Elias Ainsworth purchases Chise at auction to prepare the girl for the future marriage. As a result, she becomes his apprentice, the future bride, as well as a slave. Only three years remain for Chise's natural life because of her unique possibilities. Elias' initial goal was to bring her to life and use her abilities. However, over time, he developed a sincere fondness for Hatori. The story follows their complicated relationship.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date For A Season 2

As mentioned above, there has been no official announcement of the next season. Nonetheless, we tend to believe that The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 2 would happen. However, it won't take place until the next fall, given the late release of the first season. So we assume the release date for the second season for fall 2018, or rather the beginning of 2019. In any case, we're waiting for the official announcement. We'll keep you informed on the subject. Stay tuned for updates.