Lost in Space Will Be Back For Season 2 on Netflix

Lost in Space Will Be Back For Season 2 on Netflix

This year, Netflix announced that the network had invested about $8 billion in adding more quality video content in their media library. So, if all the new web series are similar to Lost in Space, 2018 should become the year of Netflix, in our opinion. In spite of mixed reviews, Lost in Space looks like a product of the first grade. Perhaps the storyline doesn't seem elaborated enough, but the visual effects, without a doubt, are beyond praise.

Of course, we have noticed some cliches borrowed from other Netflix's web series, such as a robot which looks like the infamous Demogorgon from the network's hit series Stranger Things. Nonetheless, it's obvious that Netflix is about to set a new standard for the television show and web series.

Undoubtedly, you strive to figure out whether there will be a second season of Lost in Space on Netflix? The global broadcaster has yet to say any words on the subject. However, in their recent interview for IndieWire, co-creators Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama have stated that they're currently working on a sophomore installment of the sci-fi family drama. Of course, we didn't regard this assertion as the official confirmation of renewal. However, on May 14, 2018, Netflix officially proclaimed that Lost in Space had been renewed for a sophomore season.

It's worth noting that, in general, Lost in Space has received an average reception from critics and viewers. On Metacritic, the statistics seem even mixed, 58/100 and 6.0/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On the other hand, on Rotten Tomatoes, the figures seem to be more impressive. By their data, the first installment of Lost in Space holds a score of 6.18/10 and a 69% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the sci-fi web series at 3.9/5/76%. Meanwhile, we find an overall score of Lost in Space quite high, 7.3/10 > 11,000 votes.

Summing up, Lost in Space is a product of brilliant quality, which, no doubt, deserved renewal. Of course, the final decision depended on Netflix. But we were sure that the global broadcaster was just trying to keep us in suspense. The same thing happened to Stranger Things. Everyone knew that this web series is to be renewed for another round. But Netflix's spokesmen have been keeping silence on the subject for a long time. After all, in the case of Lost in Space, everyone knew that there must be a second season.

What's The Show Lost in Space About?

We doubt that someone has missed this sci-fi web series on Netflix. However, if you're the one who did, we suggest you read a brief overview of Lost in Space below. Otherwise, we advise you to scroll down to figure out more about the likely release date for a next season.

This reimagination of the 1965 eponymous series focuses on the adventures of the Robinson family, which is stuck in the expanses of the universe in search of a way back home. By 2046, humankind is on the verge of extinction. As a result, the government decided to send several selected families to colonize other planets. The Robinson family was among the applicants. They were traveling through space before the accident which happened when alien robots have damaged a spaceship. This event forces The Robinsons to leave their space station. Their spacecraft, Jupiter 2, crash land on an unknown but habitable planet. Facing severe conditions and hostile aliens, The Robinsons and other colonists struggle for their lives in an attempt to escape.

On The Likely Release Date For Lost in Space Season 2

As we have noticed above, Netflix has officially announced Lost in Space Season 2. But the global broadcaster has yet to reveal any data about the specific release date.

We think it could take at least a year to produce another installment of Lost in Space and for post-production. We thereby doubt that the web series could return for a next round this fall. Most likely, Lost in Space might back for Season 2 in April 2019 or even next fall. In any case, we will have to wait for a long time. Therefore, we are looking forward to any official news from Netflix. And we'll update this article, once Netflix publishes any additional data on the subject. For now, stay tuned for updates. We'll keep you informed.