LA to Vegas Season 2 Won't Happen As FOX Decided To Cancel The Show

LA to Vegas Season 2 Won't Happen As FOX Decided To Cancel The Show

FOX's freshman LA to Vegas has showcased quite good results in its debut season. However, the workplace half-hour sitcom has received principally mixed reviews from critics. Nonetheless, FOX opted to pick up three additional episodes for the first season, expanding it thereby up to fifteen. We are sure that you want to know whether there will be a second season of LA to Vegas on FOX? Unfortunately, FOX opted to cancel the show after just one season.

We didn't regard the show's debut impressive enough, on account of its ratings. The Pilot has garnered 3.755 million viewers with a 1.09 key demo among adults 18-49. But we nevertheless would like to note that the figures were quite steady. So, if to compare LA to Vegas with another FOX's sitcom, The Mick, the latter premiered to 8.58 million viewers but dropped up to 1.89 million by the end of the season. In the case of LA to Vegas, the figures remain above the mark of two million viewers per episode. We were confident that if the show's statistics aren't dropped below that point, FOX would have to renew LA to Vegas for another round.

The response by critics and viewers was doubtful and even ambivalent. On Rotten Tomatoes, LA to Vegas holds a score of 5.84/10 and a 56% approval rating from critics, while the viewers have evaluated the show's debut at 3.8/5/77%. In the meantime, according to the statistics by Metacritic, the sitcom has a score of 43/100 and 5.4/10, among critics/viewers, respectively. On IMDb, an overall rating of the freshman looks mainly average, 6.7/10 ~ 1,700 votes.

Sadly, but despite quite satisfactory statistics, FOX opted to cancel the comedy series with no chances for Season 2.

What's The Show LA to Vegas About?

If you're not acquainted with this sitcom yet, please read a brief overview of LA to Vegas below.

Jackpot Airlines is a low-cost carrier, which aircraft regularly fly from LA to Vegas regularly. The story focuses on a cabin crew of the budget carrier, which day by day suffers from their passengers, encouraged to come back home rich. Ronnie is a veteran flight attendant, who is juggling with her duties, moving hither and thither from one dreamer to another. In between, she flirts with Colin, an economics professor who is a regular client of Jackpot Airlines. Alongside with other flight attendants, Colin is a typical representative of an offbeat family from Friday to Sunday, whether they like it or not.