Koi to Uso: Is There Going To Be a Season 2?

Koi to Uso: Is There Going To Be a Season 2?

We assume you have already watched this new romantic drama anime Love and Lies. Of course, you're looking forward to a new season of the series despite the fact that the first season is currently ongoing. But how strong the odds of this new series to get Season 2? We know how the world of anime works. As a rule, the series' creators announce the next installment within one, two, or more years. So, let's try to find out what factors affect their decision on renewal.

First of all, we want you to know that there has been no official announcement of renewal. You can be sure of this fact, just visiting the official website of this anime. Secondly, a live-action film will debut in October 2017. This announcement allows us to suppose that Season 1 of the series comes to an end closer to this fall. The film could be a sequel as well as a prequel. But, in any case, this won't be a sophomore season. Therefore, if the second season could happen anytime, it would be not earlier than in 2018.

Finally, the original manga series consists of just six volumes of twenty-six chapters. There is not enough source material to produce another season of the series, especially, given the fact that the series' creators managed to exhaust the current story scheduling to release the live-action film. So, we conclude that the second season can't exist even in development.

However, quite another matter, whether or not we expect Koi to Uso Season 2 in the foreseeable future? For that matter, we're almost sure. In general, we base our forecast relying on the response by the target audience. Though we can't consider this indicator as a significant regarding anime, in the case of the US television series, this factor plays a primary role. On MyAnimeList, Love and Lies has a score of 7.47/10 based on over 17,500 votes. So, we tend to think that Koi to Uso has a good chance for the second season.

The anime started off in July 2017 on Tokyo MX. Subsequently, AT-X, BS11, KBS, and other Japanese networks picked up the series to broadcast. It is a successful television adaptation of the eponymous manga by Musawo Tsumugi. Liden Films served as the producing studio. Sentai Filmworks acts a licensor of the series in North America.


The story takes place in the utopian future Japan. The government is about to cope with incredibly low birth rates. The authorities encourage productive marriage. The matter is what they consider productive? According to a new decree, each citizen who has turned 16 years old must obey and choose a partner assigned to him by the authorities. Confessing love is not allowed, as well as to lie on the subject. For those citizens who don't want to follow the rules, a severe punishment follows.

Yukari Nejima is a regular teenager, who one day confesses his love to his classmate, Misaki, defying the system thereby. Misaki reciprocates, as a result. However, they can't start the relationship, as Yukari received his marriage notification. Thus, Yukari found himself amidst a complicated web of love and lies.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date

As mentioned above, the Liden Films, Inc. studio has yet to announce their decision concerning Season 2 of Koi to Uso. But we hope that we would watch it soon. We're sure that the second season won't start earlier than in 2018. We dare to assume that the series will return for a next installment next fall. We would be happy if the announcement will follow earlier. In any case, we will inform you on the subject. Stay tuned for updates.