Knights of Sidonia Season 3: What Is Clear So Far

Knights of Sidonia Season 3: What Is Clear So Far

Sidonia no Kishi Season 3 release date is yet to be announced despite plenty of rumors. In fact, the only thing is clear is that back in 2016, Tsutomu Nihei and Hiroyuki Seshita were talking about the renewal. When the manga creator has been asked about a possible Season 3, he answered that he is not responsible for the decision on renewal, but he would like to work on Knights of Sidonia Season 3.

Literally, Seshita said that he has no time to work on the 3rd installment right now, yet he is definitely going to do it. As a result, it was the latest news about Sidonia no Kishi. Since then, we have only rumors and nothing concrete. Nonetheless, the information about the renewal is reliable since On June 16, 2017, Bastien Guetta, vice-president Crunchyroll France confirmed this news on his official Twitter page. Yet, one more time, no release date has been confirmed so far. Don't take the rumors seriously.

Unfortunately, the world of anime was made such a way that there are few reliable sources. Besides, most of the sources are of Japanese origin. As a rule, all anime projects are seldom updated. Therefore, where some data emerges on the surface, most media outlets are trying to make a sensation.

We frankly, are confident that Sidonia no Kishi Season 3 is in development. However, for the Polygon Pictures studio, as well as for any studio which works upon any anime project, it's better to focus the efforts on the new series instead of working on the old abandoned projects. As a result, we are witnessing such a long-term hiatus for most of the anime series.

Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Release Date

Talking about the likely release date for a next season, it's worth noting that the two previous seasons were released with a gap of one year. However, given the fact that each of them consisted of only twelve episodes, it was only one season split into two cours. Yet since you used to call them Season 1 & 2, we are discussing now Sidonia no Kishi Season 3 release date.

About four years have passed since the 2nd season (cour) premiere. And you most likely are tired to wait for a sequel. Yet since the announcement of renewal has been made in 2016, we may suppose that the production on Season 3 kicked off at least in 2017-18. Given the fact, we might expect Knights of Sidonia Season 3 premiere in April 2019. Unfortunately, there has been no announcement on the subject on the official website of the anime.

Summing up, the earliest period for the upcoming premiere might be scheduled on April 2020, in our opinion. Yet, in any case, we will have to wait for the official confirmation. As soon as Polygon Pictures announces the renewal as well as the premiere date, we will update this page. We want you to be the first who knows the actual news.

Knights of Sidonia Synopsis

Sidonia no Kishi starts up in the far future, many centuries after humankind managed to escape Earth in an attempt to survive the invasion of the alien race, known as the Gauna. Our planet remained destroyed due to the attack. As a result, a flotilla consisting of giant spaceships made of the remains of the Earth serves a shelter for the rest of the human race. One of the space vessels bears the name Sidonia.

However, unlike other spaceships, Sidonia transfers people who accidentally remained alive but lost the connection with the rest of the humans. Within many years, people adapted to the life in space. The most of the people aboard have learned the piloting skills since their childhood. Later, they use this experience to control Mecha called Gardes. Over time, the inhabitants of Sidonia developed a culture similar that of Japan. The society uses high technologies, genetic engineering, human cloning, etc., to maintain the life on Sidonia.

Sidonia no Kishi Storyline

The story centers on Nagate Tanikaze, who grew up in the underground layer of the spacecraft along with his grandpa. He dreamt of becoming a Guardian pilot since birth. He has been training day and night to come closer to his goal. But, one day, having no food, he climbed up the next level to steal a cup of rice. However, he has been caught up. As a result, he has learned that his home, in fact, is a space vessel, and was sent to study piloting among other young pilots. The anime describes the subsequent adventures of Tanikaze as a pilot of Mecha.