Knights of Sidonia: Will Season 3 Premiere in 2019? Or We Should Wait Until 2020?

Sidonia no Kishi

Most likely, you have already learned that Tsutomu Nihei and Hiroyuki Seshita both announced that they're going to create Season 3 of Knights of Sidonia. On June 16, 2017, Bastien Guetta, vice-president Crunchyroll France confirmed this news on his Twitter page. But you should know that they are currently working on another project. Well, when will we have a chance to see the premiere of the next season? The question remains vital till now. Let's join our forces to figure out.

Various media outlets claim that Knights of Sidonia Season 3 returns to the small screens this year. But we don't think so. First of all, there have been no words regarding the release date, in the official announcement. In fact, aside from this tweet as well as an article on Crunchyroll, there has been no news on the subject. The original message emerged during the Comic-Con in San Diego, in 2016. Read the full story here, if you've missed it. In a nutshell, Nihei said that he is about to produce one more season of the anime series, but he is not alone in the list of its creators, pointing towards Seshita. So, just this July we have got the official confirmation.

We suppose that the series' creators have so few time to produce the third season. They must hurry up to accomplish this idea until the end of 2017. We rather think that the release date for Season 3 of the anime is scheduled for the middle of 2018, or at least for the beginning of the same year. The difference between two previous seasons was a year. But, since the confirmation arrived just this summer, it's naive to assume that Season 3 will be completed by the end of the year. However, who knows? Perhaps, we're wrong.

Season 1 of Knights of Sidonia debuted in April 2014 and lasted until June of the same year. The second season premiered in April 2015 and came to an end in June alike. Both seasons consisted of twelve episodes. The original manga series contained thirteen volumes. Two more volumes were added after the conclusion of the second season of the anime. Therefore, the show's creators now have enough data to produce the next season. But what will this season will about? We don't know for sure.


Sidonia no Kishi starts up in the far future, many centuries after humankind managed to escape Earth in an attempt to survive the invasion of the alien race, known as the Gauna. Our planet remained destroyed due to the attack. As a result, a flotilla consisting of giant spaceships made of the remains of the Earth serves a shelter for the rest of the human race. One of the space vessels bears the name Sidonia.

However, unlike other spaceships, Sidonia transfers people who accidentally remained alive but lost the connection with the rest of the humans. Within many years, people adapted to the life in space. The most of the people aboard have learned the piloting skills since their childhood. Later, they use this experience to control Mecha called Gardes. Over time, the inhabitants of Sidonia developed a culture similar that of Japan. The society uses high technologies, genetic engineering, human cloning, etc., to maintain the life on Sidonia.


The story centers on Nagate Tanikaze, who grew up in the underground layer of the spacecraft along with his grandpa. He dreamt of becoming a Guardian pilot since birth. He has been training day and night to come closer to his goal. But, one day, having no food, he climbed up the next level to steal a cup of rice. However, he has been caught up. As a result, he has learned that his home, in fact, is a space vessel, and was sent to study piloting among other young pilots. The anime describes the subsequent adventures of Tanikaze as a pilot of Mecha.

On The Subject Of The Possible Release Date

In fact, the release date for Season 3 of Knights of Sidonia is unknown. Although some people believe that the next season comes out this year, we doubt this assertion. As mentioned above, we think that the anime will return for its third installment in 2018. We don't know the exact date so far. But we'll update this page, as soon as we learn it. Stay tuned for updates. Leave your comments below.