Is Kill la Kill Season 2 Going To Happen?

Kill la Kill

You're likely wondering, what's going on with Kill la Kill? Season 1 of the anime was a success. So, why Trigger Inc. is keeping silent concerning a next season of the series? The last episode of the first season broadcast on March 27, 2014, in Japan. Since that moment we have been waiting for over three years. But no official announcement of renewal followed. The recent news on the official website of the anime series is dated 07.12.2016. Does it mean the conclusion of the franchise? Let's try to find out what is what.

The key indicators of the series are more than favorable. Kill la Kill has a score of 8.20/10 based on over 345,000 votes on MyAnimeList. The fans have even initiated a petition in an attempt to force the Trigger studio to produce one more season of the anime. Also worth noting that Kill la Kill aired on Netflix, a global content provider which, as a rule, could pick up the series that were canceled or went on hiatus. Despite all the efforts of the fans to revive the series, Season 2 of Kill la Kill is still in a fog. But whether or not we should wait for a sequel?

In 2016, a rumor arose that Space Patrol Luluco will serve a sequel for Kill la Kill. But as turned out, there were just the cameo appearances from other anime series created by Trigger. However, this case suggests that perhaps the studio is busy working on other projects. Therefore, they have left a hint to the fans. But we now live in 2017, and Trigger Inc. has yet to publish any official news on the subject of Kill la Kill Season 2.

Unfortunately, the world of anime is full of such injustice when most of the studios don't hurry up with the official announcements. On the other hand, some anime series, nonetheless, have finally got their next seasons. Code Geass just one good example. We frequently use this case to illustrate how long could be the way between the debut season of any anime and its sequel. But this case gives us hope that our favorite anime will someday get the continuation. We don't know why so many studios are forcing fans to exist in agonizing anticipation. But we believe that Kill la Kill Season 2 still has a chance to happen, in spite of all the barriers on the way. Were we right or wrong, we'll see.

Kill la Kill kicked off in October 2013. Season 1 of the anime consisted of twenty-four episodes. An OVA subtitled 'Goodbye Again' premiered on September 3, 2014. In the US, the series aired on Adult Swim (Toonami). Aniplex of America served as a licensor of the series.


The story takes place in the post-apocalyptic Japan. Ryuuko Matoi is eager for revenge. She wanders across the country in an attempt to punish the guilty. She holds the Scissor Blade in her hand, a half of scissors, in fact. Ryuuko knows that the killer keeps the second half of the murder weapon. She enrolls Honnouji Academy, an elite institution that differs any others. Ryuuko suspects that someone who knows the details of the assassination attends this prestigious school.

Here, she faces the Elite Four, a group of students led by Satsuki Kiryuuin, who keep the rest of pupils in fear. Their power is due to the peculiar clothes known as Goku Uniforms, which provides them supernatural abilities thanks to life fibers embedded in it. Ryuuko defeats while trying to fight with Satsuki. But this battle was not in vain. After her epic failing, Ryuuko comes back her ruined home and discover here a rare and sentient 'Kamui,' or God Clothes. This uniform allows Ryuuko to confront Satsuki, as well as find out the truth behind her father's death.