Jane the Virgin Season 5 Release Date Revealed

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Release Date Revealed

Now it's time to drink a glass of wine since The CW has officially confirmed that Jane the Virgin had been renewed for a fifth season. It's official. The announcement has just appeared on the Twitter page of the series. Perhaps you know that The CW has reduced the fourth season of the show up to 20 episodes versus 22. We, honestly, regarded this news as a dangerous signal. Nonetheless, there is no reason to panic because Jane the Virgin is coming back to the CW on March 27, 2019, according to the official announcement. Unfortunately, Season 5 would be the show's last.

A lot of news arose on the subject of the series recently. Therefore, our forecast was ambivalent. In fact, we were mistaken since we doubted that The CW was about to pick up Jane the Virgin for another round. However, our conclusion was definite. We suggest you read these boring data as they reflect how The CW tracks down the statistics before their decision to renew or cancel any series.

First of all, we paid our attention to the fact that the viewing audience of Jane the Virgin was gradually decreasing. The current season premiere has garnered only 0.68 million viewers with a 0.3/1 rating/share (P18-49). On the other hand, Jane the Virgin has never gained more than 1.55 million viewers per episode. Thus, if to compare the viewership of Season 4 with the figures of Season 3, the picture didn't look so gloomy.

Secondly, even given that Jane is no longer a virgin, this event didn't affect the decision of the show's creators to renew Jane the Virgin for the fourth season. Many supposed that the show should end after Jane lost her virginity. Nevertheless, the series is still ongoing. As a result, the decision on renewal was less dependent on the storyline, while other significant indicators, such as a reception by critics and viewers are still valuable.

As for the response, it was excellent. The fourth season of Jane the Virgin has received the universal acclaim with a score of 8.28/10 and a 100% approval rating from critics and 4.1/5/83% among the viewers, respectively. It seems that the response from the target audience was more valuable for The CW than other factors (though this is our subjective opinion).

Finally, the fourth season of Jane the Virgin has undergone a significant structural change. However, as mentioned above, we were concerned that The CW reduced the season to 3-5 episodes compared to its predecessors. In fact, we regarded this decision as a negative factor since it might mean the intention of The CW to cancel the show after its fourth installment. Nonetheless, we hoped that the decision is justified by the aim of The CW to turn the series into a new concept. After all, the original telenovela Juana la Virgen consists of 153 episodes. Thus, there is a lot of source material for another installment.

Summing up, we concluded that Jane the Virgin had a good chance to return for Season 5 on The CW, even despite the fact that the network decided to produce just seventeen episodes for the fourth installment.

What Is Jane the Virgin About?

The story follows the Venezuelan American woman named Jane, who has become a casual victim of a medical mistake. Despite the fact that Jane vowed to keep her virginity until her marriage, she has mistakenly passed through the procedure of artificial insemination. As a result, she turned pregnant without her consent. Moreover, by chance, the sperm donor is Jane's boss and her former teenage crush. Over time, Jane managed to get married but soon becomes widowed. The series has several independent storylines.

Season 5 Release Date

As mentioned above, The CW has opted to renew Jane the Virgin for another season. By the official announcement, Jane the Virgin will return for Season 5 on March 27, 2019 on The CW.