Isekai Quartet Has Been Renewed For A Season 2

Isekai Quartet Has Been Renewed For A Season 2

You have just finished watching Isekai Quartet and no doubt you are wondering, whether there will be a Season 2? Clap your hands guys since an exciting news appeared today on the official website of the anime series, according to which Isekai Quartet is coming back for a second season.

You're lucky since you don't need to wait for years like when it comes to other anime. The renewal is officially confirmed, however a specific release date for a next season is yet to be announced.

It's worth mentioning that Isekai Quartet Season 1 has been praised by viewers. On MyAnimeList, the chibi-style crossover anime holds a score of 7.72/10 based on over 19,000 votes. On both Crunchyroll and FUNimation Isekai Quartet holds a high rating of 4.5/5 and 4.8/5, respectively.

To be honest, it was clear that there should be at least one more season of Isekai Quartet since the comedy series contains a variety of protagonists whom we could meet in our favorite anime series. Yet since the anime consisted of only twelve episodes and had no source such as a light novel or manga, many people doubted in renewal.

On the other hand, there is so much space for imagination, talking about a sequel. The decision on renewal has most likely been related to a commercial value of the franchise, given that it combined a lot of famous title characters. The Japanese sources rarely share with us such data, yet it seems that the viewing audience of the series was huge.

Isekai Quartet Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, Isekai Quartet Season 2 release date is yet to be announced. As a rule, it could take about a year to produce a 12-episode television season for any anime studio. And therefore, we tend to believe that Isekai Quartet Season 2 is to premiere next spring, on April 2020, given the current schedule of the series.

It's quite a rare situation when a studio releases two anime seasons twice a year, unless the season is split into two cours. Since Isekai Quartet Season 1 is a single-cour installment, we doubt that the upcoming premiere is slated for this fall, yet we don't rule out such development of the situation at all.

In any case, we will have to wait for the official announcement from the Studio Puyukai or any other Japanese official source. We are tracking down all the official sources on the subject of a specific release date for Isekai Quartet Season 2. As soon as the date appears on the official website of the anime or somewhere in another official Japanese source, we will update this page. So guys, stay tuned for updates. We will keep you informed.

Isekai Quartet Summary

A mysterious red button suddenly appears in four different dimensions. As a result of pressing it, the protagonists of Re:Zero, The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Overlord, and KonoSuba were transferred to another universe and teamed up together. The universe is similar to the Japanese schoolyard. Upon arrival, all title characters have been moved to a classroom, where they should decide whether they are enemies or friends.

Isekai Quartet premiered on April 9, 2019, on Tokyo MX. Soon after, MBS, BS11, AT-X, TVA, and other Japanese television networks started to broadcast the series. The Studio Puyukai served as a developer of the television adaptation. Funimation and Crunchyroll both served as the licensors of the anime in North America. Isekai Quartet Season 1 consisted of twelve episodes, and it came to an end on June 25, 2019. On the same day, it was officially announced that Isekai Quartet had been renewed for a sophomore season.